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Field Report+: I‘m Back...Sort of

mASF post by thrillseeker

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Field Report+: I‘m Back...Sort of
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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

I went to THE club (the only one I've found around here that doesn't suck).

I did my first set, opening with Jlaix's new LJBF opener. As often happens, it
was my first, so I wasn't comfortable in it and considered bailing when I had
no good reason to.

Some other dude started talking to my target. He was doing ok with her. I did
nothing, but rather switched to the other girl, cause she was just as good and
my wing was showing no signs of actually making any progress with her. Plus I
wasn't really gaming anyone anyway, I was just standing there like a dode and

Yes, I know, this whole debaucle is kind of sad. Hey, it was my 1st warm-up of
the night.

Set #2. I opened a large amorphous mixed group, and my target, a 7.5,
immediately focused on me, so I gamed her directly and ignored the group, which
was content to entertain itself. I gamed her, then she wanted to dance with
me. We danced, then I took her to the dance floor and we danced some more.
She was doing some salsa-like shit, I spin-hugged her, and occasionaly we'd go
into grinding. Lots of kino--she was very receptive. She dug me. But when it
started getting too hot and heavy, she was like, "I can't, my bf is right over
there and he wouldn't like it." Huh. After we danced, she kissed me on the
cheek and left.

So I did what I think was set #3. Fuck I don't remember. I opening again with
LJBF, following up with Chris Rock's spiel about how platonic friends are like
dick in a bottle (see my post in tactics).

They laughed. By that time I was chilled out, and I think I mostly just vibed,
with routines sprinkled in. They liked me. I moved them both over to a bench
and sat down. The obstacle was a sweetie and wasn't being an obstacle at all.

So far I think I had done: LJBF opener w/ Chris Rock follow-up, little sister,
nice new gf, sincere compliment, badass kid story, sexual predators
routine...possibly best friends. These were mixed in with vibing in a way that
was pretty laid back.

I did half of Toecutter's palm-reading routine. I couldn't remember the other
half. It was my first attempt. It went over well. She asked me if I actually
knew this or if I was just saying shit. I told her that I was just learning
and wasn't very good. She asked me where I learned it from. I said,
truthfully, the internet. Ha.

I told her that she seemed so genuine, that most people I met in bars had this
like fake bar persona, and they couldn't just chill and be real. And she
seemed so chill and real...and fuck, nevermind, I don't even know what I'm
talking about...

I did A-crowd.

I told her that she could be anywhere in the world, but she was there with me.
And I appreciated that.

I held her hand and stroked her back. I pulled her on top of me and cuddled
her and said she was my teddy bear.

She said her friend was bored and wanted to dance. She told me to come find
her in a minute. I did. I we continued as before. Eventually her friend got
kicked out for being underage. So she had to leave. I got her number. ("You
know what would be really cool..." Her: "Here, take my number.")

I tried to kiss her. She said, "No, no, I can't...I can't kiss guys I just
met, stop it, what are you doing to me, I'm going to kick your ass..." And
then we made out.

So I went to talk to other girls. Used my new opener some more. Mostly just
talked to girls. Very good responses, very cool relaxed vibe, very chilled
out. Didn't really push it, just kind of interacted with whoever came my way.

A little while later, my target was back. Two guys were talking to her. I
just waved at first, and went to the bathroom. Then I came back to talk to
her. They tried to be pissy AMOGs, but she blew them off to talk to me. I
gave her a big hug.

We sat down, the I told her we should go for a walk on the boardwalk. So we
left the club. We held hands, then I took her french promenade style, as she
was too short for me to comfortably hold her hand.

We walked on the boardwalk. We sat down. We talked about stuff. I talked
about childhood, how when I was a kid I wanted to save dolphins from Sea World
and shit. I ran Balloons in the Park, while we were lying down, and she said I
was funny. We kissed.

We walked around, I gave her piggy back rides. Eventually she said she was
tired and wanted to go home. Unfortunately, I live in a barracks an hour drive
away, and she was staying there in a rented house with 13 relatives. (She's
down for the week on vacation.) If only I had a blanket.

Some things she said that I thought were noteworthy:
-She used my name A LOT.
-"No, I can't do this."
-"What are you doing to me?"
-"I'm going to kick your ass."
-"You're funny."
-"You smell nice."
-"You have pretty eyes."
-"Your hands are so soft."

This is my second extraction from a club. The 1st was the Swedish girl I
banged, and that was more my wing's doing. Plus that was fool's mate. This
was game.

I felt really good about it. For one, it was a break out of my slump, and for
two, it was a first. I extracted her, and she really LIKED me. It was my
first time using rapport material. I like this stuff. I'm starting to see how
attract and rapport kind of weave together in the symphony of PU. It was sweet
and romantic. One of those magical moments that will last a lifetime.

I'm doing less bulk now and I think that's a good thing. Rather than a bunch
of quick # closes that turn out to be flakes, I'm finding that I end up
spending the whole night with just one girl, but I make serious progress with

Things I learned:

1) The #1 most important thing is to just keep throwing myself into sets. Kill
the voice of hesitation. If I'm thinking, "Should I, shouldn't I..." Just
throw myself in and figure out afterwards. I'm learning how to actually do

To do this, it helps to decide ahead of time on ONE opener for the night. No
guesswork. No thinking. Sometimes I'll have 3 or so, thinking I'll go with
whatever I feel like at the time, but then I get all indecisive, and suddenly
they all seem lame, and I hesitate and don't approach. Fuck that. ONE opener.
Just do it.

2) OWN THE SET, take over from other guys. Judging from my response with the
1st set, plus from my experience of when I've opened mixed sets, most guys
aren't obstacles at all. They're like, "OMG, he's TALKING. I can't compete
with that." And they just leave, probably planning to come back after you
leave. If you know what you're doing though, they may not get that

3) Persist. Often in my early sets, I'll be uncomfortable, and so want to
leave when there's no good reason to whatsoever. Even if I'm not running
stellar game, if they're still standing there, it's game on.

Girls are my anti-drug.

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