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mASF post by TheTruth21

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mASF post by "TheTruth21"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Ok. Let me preface this approach by telling you where I am at in my game. I
am confident, and have slightly above average success with women within my
social circle. If I have an in, I am usually decent. I can do some slightly
cold approaches, if I have some IOI's.

Well, I want to develop my game right? So, I decide I am going to do some
street approaches while I am at the store.
I go the store look down the isles, no hot chicks, damn. So I go get what I
need to get (some laundry detergent, and some dryer sheets. I get the
detergent, then I see a girl(6) about a checking out. I know shes only a 6 but
I want to practice bad. So I grab some snuggle and downy and go for an opinion

This is the first time i've done a cold approach without eye contact or
anything with the girl. It got my heart beating, and I was nervous (bad I
know, but I guess I have to get over it sometime). Anyway, I come up and put
my stuff on the counter. The lady checking the girl out had to step away a
second to do something, so this was actually decent timing. I grab the snuggle
and the downy and say, "Hey, Which one of these is better? I am tryin to get
some laundry done."

She muses for a few moments, looks at me and says, "Snuggle."

I smile at her and ask, "Are you sure?"

She smiles and says, "yea" (a little more sure this time)

I tell her as I start to walk away to put up the downy (looking over my
shoulder and smiling big), "I dont even know why I asked you, you probably dont
even do laundry."

She acts grumpy and says, "Yes, I do!"

So I thought everything was going decent. I return to the aisle, and the girl
has her back turned to me, and doesn't acknowledge that I have returned. (I am
afraid I might have actually made her too self conscious with the "You dont
even do laundry" thing. She wasn't dressed up cute, she was in pajama pants
etc.) So, I talk to the lady checking her out for a second, the whole how you
today stuff.

Then after the girl gets her stuff to leave I tell her, "Be good, thanks for
your help." (I was trying to make up for making her self conscious) Was that
supplicating? If it was, was it warranted since I actually made a girl who was
probably fairly below me on the looks scale self conscious.

I dont know if I completely butchered this one, or if it was so so or what.

What can I do to make this work better, I was lost after the "you probably dont
even do laundry" thing.


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