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alphaness vs female friends

mASF post by devilishly

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alphaness vs female friends
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mASF post by "devilishly"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, August 8, 2005

I think you have the idea of social proof wrong in regards to gaining it from

One gains social proof in one regard from the presence of Hb's. But most
importantly, social proof is gained from the attitude of these Hb's towards
you. This attitude being that they want, desire and crave your presence and
this attitude is picked up by other Hb's and AMOG's.

These others assume your social proof because they hold the Hb's in high regard
and the Hb's hold you in high regard. It's a transference of power/status by
association even if it is slight.

Or in -laidman- terms, they assume great things about you because hb's
obviously think you're great.

So your error is in trying to make the Hb's LJBF you. You need to LJBF them in
a way that still allows them to respect and desire you (think they still can
nail you). So still play PUA routines and games on them for fun/practice. It'll
make them want you more and a byproduct of that will be a higher social proof.

Actually its best to practice routines and openers on HB pivots. There is
nothing like practicing on the real thing.

So since you're in college, I guess you understand the idea of deferring
gratification (this works for sex too I guess) or doing groundwork before you
enjoy the rewards.

This plays into my method of creating a flock of Hb's to surround myself of
flocking as I like to call it. Sometimes it is necessary for social proof (and
just for the pure pleasure of it) to make friends/pivots with Hb's without
trying to nail them just for the utility of it.

Just the essence of flocking hb's creates huge social proof for yourself. And
true you may not be banging them right away but it creates a multiplier effect
of social proof and potential and who knows... and if you do decide to hit that
shit, they have already been waiting for ya.

Not liking a person does not eliminate you from having great sex with them.

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