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mASF post by ox

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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

On 8/10/05 12:42:00 PM, TheTruth21 wrote:
>Excellent, rally got me pumped
>up OX. However, I think I
>have disagree with you on the
>analysis part. It may not be
>true for you; for me it helps
>me be comfortable when the
>same situation comes up again.
>If I analyze a situation, what
>may or may not have went
>wrong, what line I could have
>taken to make the approach
>more effective, it will allow
>me to increase my success rate
>even faster. Its like post
>game analysis, I do the sets
>then analyze each one. Does
>no one else do this.
>You do make one strong point
>"Approach 10 more sets." I
>need to approach approach
>approach, and let it flow til
>I get over the initial fear.
>Then probably do more

what i meant to say is do the analysis later on a fr or something. in the field
too much analysis gets you in trouble. go with your instincts. all the theory
will start to make sense when it is coming through your instincts. actually i
think it was a great opening with that girl but you started doubting yourself
worrying whether she was offended. when you lay her she wont even remember wtf
you open her with. i ask my lays what they thought of me when i opened them and
they dont remember...all they remember that all of a sudden we were talking and
next thing we were making out..the rest they forget. what does it tell you
about openers? they dont mean jack shit.

keep it up,

good luck


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