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Field Report: Newbie first steps advice welcome

mASF post by JohnnyForms

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Field Report: Newbie first steps advice welcome
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mASF post by "JohnnyForms"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

Heh guys first post here, pretty tame stuff as I’m new to this so on a steep
learning curve at present. The reason I’ve posted this up is because I learn
just as much reading about peoples faltering steps as I do hearing about the
stone cold killers and also it’s good to get some advice on what I’m doing

Current favs on the pro tour, goes without saying, GoneSavage and I also dig
all of Ox’s stuff.

I’ve been following TheShangriLa’s posts this month and decided to do a similar
thing so I headed out to make 10 approaches today in London.

I managed to procrastinate quite a bit in the morning, heh there’s good TV on,
OC, followed by playing it straight, those Americans love to drag a show out,
I’m sure that guy Chris is gay… anyway… I come up with a good plan to get in a
positive state I’ll just talk to anyone on the street as soon as I get out of
the house as this will put me in a friendly talkative vibe.

As soon as I leave the house I start chatting to random punters left and right
I just ask directions etc, this goes well and I manage to get a couple of
laughs, I speak to four people on the way to the station and the last one is a
lady who opens me, I walk with her to the station and eject, she is too old but
I do the gentlemanly thing and help her out with some directions.

At the station I continue and open some dude on the platform, I know I’m
supposed to be opening the ladies but heh I’m working on my state, I give him
the line on my man of leisure lifestyle and he opens up that he’s kind of bored
with his job.. seeya I eject.

Here it goes a little off the rails I sit opposite a really cute black chick on
the train, great tits, I think ok let’s do it, 3 seconds but it doesn’t happen,
she has a real game face on and once I failed in the beginning I find it too
hard to open now. I don’t open any more all the way to Oxford Circus, I come
out of the tube a girl is standing against the railing I open with directions
to Leicester square (I know lame but it’s all I’ve got on my one previous
attempt to this day my opener was the equally lame do you have the time), she
says she is a foreigner and doesn’t know, could’ve continued but I eject.

I walk along Regent Street, I see lots of hot girls one absolute beauty in the
apple store, from the back at least, but I’m unable to open anything it seems
the amount of people on the street is putting me off.

Head to Piccadilly sit by the fountain to chill, walk through Leicester square
eyes left and right trying to spot some of you guys as this is supposed to be a
famous hunting ground, I imagine any hot babe here is going to be trailed by a
pack of PUAs, I don’t spot anyone that resembles a PUA but what do I know. I
get to the other side of Leicester square and open with my Curzon opener, you
guessed it where is the Curzon (this is a kind of arty cinema in Soho), this is
slightly better as she gives it an umm and ahh but doesn’t know, as usual I
prematurely eject – lol. Another Curzon approach on the street, she is from up
North and for some strange reason we decide to take a look at her map, I didn’t
know they had cinemas on maps. I ask her where she is from but don’t follow
this up very well and eject.

Walk into Soho, full of gays, they are all sitting out in front of café’s just
checking out everyone who walks past, these guys know the game, lots of very
cool looking cafes and restaurants in this area, end up at Soho Square, for
London guys this is a great spot. It’s full of people and loads of HBs abound,
it’s a mixture of students and lunch time crowd, it’s quite dense with large
groups which makes it tough for a newbie like me. I lay down and read a book
for a while, it’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m just enjoying hanging out here.

A couple sit next to me, the guy really looks like OX and I give him a double
take, he’s not doing any kino so I know for sure it’s not him :) I open them
with my Curzon opener, this works well and I play them off against each other a
bit, running out of material I eject.

I decide to follow TheShrangriLa’s approach and try a bookstore, I wonder
around looking for HBs and don’t see much, I pick up a couple of graphic design
books and take them to a seat for a read, I take the books back and a HB has
camped out in that section, I open with ‘are you a graphic designer or fashion
designer’ it had both these titles in the section, she answers blah blah then
asks which one I am, in retrospect this was my best opener as it keyed into
something she was really interested in. Here I think I ruin the frame a little
as I say I’m looking for someone to do some graphic design for my business,
kinda true but not relevant. She say’s she can do this, I kinda ignore this and
blather on with some more rubbish, I then ask her how I could contact students
who are studying graphic design about the work I have, she says there is this
email list that she is a part of and suggests giving me her email address and
pulls out a pen. I get her email address.

Even though this is something of a screw up as I’ve got her email address
possibly as a work lead for her I still feel very impressed that after just
chatting to some random HB in a book store I’ve got her email address in less
than five minutes, this is something I’ve never done before. I do a little more
fluff, I’m sure I could’ve continued but heh I’m running low so I eject.

After this I open a couple more nothing to write home about there is one who
has a super bitch shield up but I manage to plough a little until I’ve got
three solid rejections and I leave her alone.

All in all a positive day I did feel some approach fear but only a small
amount, what I want to ask you guys is:

Any good way to follow up on the email with this girl to put it in a better
frame, I’d like to try a day2 for practise.

After the approach what is the best stuff to work on, is it just general fluff
or something else?

I realise I’ve got to come up with some better openers, stay in set longer even
though I’m uncomfortable and come up with some good material to keep it going.



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