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is sarging becoming mainstream tv?

mASF post by formhandle

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is sarging becoming mainstream tv?
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mASF post by "formhandle"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Oh I forgot. It's been almost a week since this question's been brought up.
Oh no... everyone better hide cuz the sky is falling.

I used to hesitate about this a long time ago but now I flat out tell chicks
what I do and they like me even more. Fuckin A sometimes I wonder how much a
lot of you guys worry so much about "getting caught". All we are doing is
learning/sharing stuff THAT WORKS. PERIOD. That's like saying we will stop
being attracted to chicks who wear makeup, heels, read Cosmo, or use soft sexy
voices when they talk to us. Holy shit, they're trying to trick us.

The guys who worry about this probably, I sense, feel like they're "tricking"
chicks rather than utilizing all this knowledge to maximize their ability to
meet & attract women. Geezus, all of you get a grip. The entire population of
Earth could know about the existence of this web site and associated sites &
businesses & it wouldn't matter other than a slightly larger % of the
population put in enough time & effort to becoming PUAs.

Anyone in the future feel free to quote me above if this question comes up in
the future or even quote the responses from the last 500 times this came up....


ox wrote:

>last night i watch in jay leno
>show some black dude(playa as
>he call himself and the other
>dude) teaching a fat guy
>street approaching. it was
>fucking lame, like this dude
>will tell the guy to go and
>ask the name to the girl and
>give her his phone number to
>call him back, etc. are we
>going mainstream? because it
>would suck really..i very much
>prefer this cultish shit we
>got going. what do you know?
>next thing you know the afc's
>will start doing opinion
>openers. then we are fucked.

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