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Re: Double Lay Report: Pre-partly that lasted all night.

mASF post by ajhorst

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Re: Double Lay Report: Pre-partly that lasted all night.
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mASF post by "ajhorst"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2005

“Awesome LR. I love the, "Fine I'm going to bed." I've gotta start using that.
So you turn over, and pretend to go to sleep then a few minutes later, turn
back around and start making out again? Is there anything else to it?”

No, there’s not much else too it. When I said, “Fine, I’m going to bed,” I said
it in more of a “matter of fact” way. I didn’t sound frustrated at all. The
technique isn’t new at all (actually, this time it wasn’t a technique…I was
actually tired). It uses the principle of “one step forward, two steps back.”

There is no better way to deal with ASD than to use this principle. When most
guys are trying to advance to sex, they do it in a very linier fashion. This
method generally only works when the girl can see herself having sex with the
guy before even making out…therefore she won’t put up ASD and stop any of his
advances. When you advance to sex without taking any steps back; she KNOWS what
you are going for, like you are only taking the steps to achieve a goal. You
are not telegraphing that you are enjoying the process of getting there.

When you take breaks and take steps back, it keeps the woman thinking. With
HbAsian, she never knew for sure weather or not I wanted to have sex with her.
When I went to sleep without being in the least bit frustrated, it showed her
that I can do without sex. I take pleasure from every aspect of the PU…many
times I enjoy the process more than the actual sex. When you telegraph that you
don’t “need” the sex, it is very attractive. Things then become more
spontaneous and un-predictable.

Notice in the lr that I often took breaks, and seemingly went back to step one.
During each of these breaks, she never knew for sure weather or not I would
start things back up, which creates anticipation. Remember, attraction doesn’t
die of starvation…it dies of indigestion. None of what I am writing is new or
revolutionary…it’s basic stuff. You can DAFS on the topic if you want to learn
more about the “two steps forward, one step back” method.

“So is a lot of your game more natural or improvised instead of using canned

Yes, my game is very natural…I will always say that inner game» is the most
important aspect to work on. It’s better to know what makes the techniques work
and the components of the techniques than the lines themselves.

However, just because I come off more natural doesn’t mean I don’t use canned
material. Canned routines and openers are great. The “who lies more”
opener/routine is my default opener. I have used it hundreds of times. While
I’m walking up to a woman to open her, I never know what I’m going to say until
I say it. If I can’t think of anything after a “what’s up” or “hey guys,” I use
something canned.

I often also use various routines throughout the interaction; again, if I can’t
think of anything else to say or do. I use the cube game/routine all the time.
I also do palm reading. If a girl ever does something stupid, I will often grab
her hand, look at it, and say, “Yep, that’s what I thought.” If she bites, I go
into a palm reading routine. If she doesn’t, I go onto something else. The
problem with beginners learning routines is that they tend to force them out of

You can also say that the Kings drinking game in my lr was a routine. To me,
canned stuff is more about bringing down the bitch shield than actually
advancing to the bedroom. If the bitch shield is down before using canned
stuff, I often won’t revert back to it. I don’t tend to use canned material at
parties because the bitch shields are already down. When I’m at a bar or club,
I tend to use it a lot more.


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