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mASF post by Aura

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mASF post by "Aura"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

I am no expert on PU. I wrote what is below to help reinforce what I have read,
not to post. These are my thoughts not things I believe are facts.

Clothes: Good clothes installs confidence in the wearer- if you think you’re
the best dressed person in a bar; it raises your confidence and creates a good
state. Women want to meet the ‘man of my dreams’ that ‘special person’, ‘if he
doesn’t dress like the average chump, maybe he’s not an average chump’.
Peacocking is affective. Some people probably fail with peacocking because they
try and match the weird look with the weird personality. Good fashion sense
doesn’t have to equal expensive labels.

Vibe: Needs to differ according to person to develop conturgencty, a massive
key to PU. Some people need to develop a more laid back, relaxed vibe- alpha
means being comfortable and in control in all situations, it doesn’t mean being
aggressive. Don't be needy.

Openers: Direct and indirect are two schools of thought which appear really
different but aren’t. Direct people argue that using a direct opener creates
the right frame for the interaction. If you are confident and in the right
state use direct, it’s more fun. Situation openers are great. Indirect
approaches when drunk or not feeling %100. Think up own opinion openers.

Busting/Qualifying/screening: Whether you use an indirect method, or even more
importantly a direct, you have to make the girl earn your affection, you have
to be the prize. She can never think she’s won you. Busting’s best feature is
that is often puts you in a playful, flirty state. Negging seems to be very
important for indirect methods. Screening appears to be one of the MOST
IMPORTANT aspects- It puts you in the dominant choosing position, she will
subconsciously try and get chosen and you should be screening for capability
anyway, a girl shouldn’t get you because she’s pretty. Qualifying builds
rapport, if you like her for what she is rather than her just being a woman,
she won’t feel used and she will think you have a good connection.

Frame control: Builds attraction. A good aspect of direct is it can create a
strong frame. If you loose the frame you loose the girl.

Rapport- Assume rapport and talk about deep issues that concern you. Have a
conversation she will never forget, have a conversation you will never forget.
Talk about being with her in the future, this is essentially a verbal venue
change. Talk about doing stuff with her in a morning because this subtly
implies you will spend a night together in the future ‘we must go there some
morning, you would love it, its so beautiful’ Main thing don’t have a boring,
stranger, chump conversation. Assume rapport, assume you know them- don’t ask
questions about them as only a stranger would do this. You have to talk about
yourself. Be different, don’t be weird.

Venue changes/time constraints- Important but often forgotten in field.

Closing- Kino going throughout, closing is simple. Closing is a step not a

Field- You get good at golf by playing golf.

Open and have fun
Hold the Frame- be comfortable and in control and have fun
Kino and have fun
Screen & Qualify and have fun
Have amazing conversation and have fun
Venue change and have fun
Close and have fun.

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