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To all my fellow RAFC about approaching

mASF post by Dainan

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To all my fellow RAFC about approaching
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mASF post by "Dainan"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2005

Okay guys, after lurking on this site for a while and only occasionally going
out in the field I choosed to make a commitment to my self. Everyday I will
sarge for approximately 2 hrs, mainly daytime. Here is one key thing:


This made a huge difference for me. If you are anything like me, more often
than not you will chicken out when approaching, and then rationalize it with
some believable, but limiting AFC bs. When you do approach, and it goes
somewhat well, you will use this as an excuse why not to approach anymore, like
"I should walk up to her, but then again I did quite good in that other set and
I got a number..." But what's really going on is that you don't want to
experience any negative feelings whatsoever, i.e not being willing to pay the
price to become a successful PUA.

Writing down, for example 15-25 different openers and making a commitment to
try them all out before you call it a day will make a HUGE difference. All of a
sudden it's not that hard to approach anymore, why? Because you are not trying
to PU anymore, your just performing tasks, the list acts like a peer group
chanting "Go! Go! Go!" You have to do it because it is on a list, simple
guy-logic I suppose.

What is more, this gives you structure and makes it a lot easier to keep track
on things. What openers worked/Didn't work and why? What opener could/couldn't
you follow up and where do you need to improve etc.

For example I wrote a list of 30 openers and tried most of them out, just to
see which one would work the best for me.
The "I found the perfect guy for you" opener, Papas "are you confident enough
to accept a sincere compliment" opener and for two-sets, "Are you guys best
friends" seemed to work pretty well for me, but I still have a lot to improve
when it comes to holding the set.

One other thing that I'm sure a lot of people won't agree with is this:
DON'T'ONLY USE OPINION OPENERS. Why is that? When you use them and the set
won't open it's VERY easy to blame the opinion opener it self, rather than
admit that it was most likely you who did something. I've been guilty of this
many times. You open poorly with the opinion opener and go "Yeah, whatever,
these girls simply didn't care about this" or "The opinion opener is stupid
that's why it doesn't work" etc.
Now i DO NOT advocate against using opinion openers, BUT keep in mind that if
you are one of those guys who open the set with an opinion opener, get their
opinion and then eject, you might want to consider using other, more direct
openers instead and then LATER going back to the opinion openers, this has been
true in my case anyways.

Long post, but I think that it might be good for newbies and RAFC like me to
consider this.



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