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mASF post by thrillseeker

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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

I am very pleased with myself. I am getting it.

I decided last night to focus more on the flow of the interaction. I made a
shift from being material-based, to being vibe-based. It worked tremendously.

My first set kicked my ass. I rolled in and was instantly bombarded with
shit-tests. Like, rapid-fire, bang bang bang, hardly a breath in between them.
Why are you asking that what's up with this shirt this arm thing why are you
wearing your glasses where are your friends..." I should have cut off their
threads and plowed, but I didn't see this coming. I was floored. Turns out
they're New Yorkers. Ha. I was in over my head. That makes me not feel bad.
I'll be more prepared next time. As always when I'm getting a seriously hard
time from girls, I had to struggle to keep a strait face, and I failed.

I remembered this little trick that I posted about a few dozen times months and
months ago. Something I learned in an acting class. I'd walk around and LOOK at
stuff, just mentally noting, "You're holding a drink. You're wearing a white
shirt. You look concerned." This fixes my BL and eyes, so that I look around in
a very natural way, where my eyes settle on whatever I notice. I'm not afraid
to look, at anything or anyone, but at the same time I don't stare or anything.
This projects total absolute 100% confidence.

My BL became really smooth. My motions were slow. Turned my head slowly, my
body. Carried myself with 100% confidence. I actually got this down at least
half a year ago. I wrote about it in my field reports where I went to this
dance club and got girls molesting me and opening me and making out with me
based purely on BL. Problem was, at the time I didn't have the verbal game to
back this up, so I got away from it as I focused on the verbal, and forgot
about it until now.

I started opening with what's up, how's it going, etc. And then I'd go into
game as usual. I actually had a lot more success with this than with opinion
openers, I guess cause I was more congruent with it. Plus, I was able to use my
subcommunication to FORCE them to open. Like, they seriously had no choice but
to open and want to talk to me. I really can't explain how I do this. It's
BL/facial expression/eye movements.

But now I'm starting to integrate the BL with the verbal, and the results are
fucking incredible.

I've developed the ability to talk out my ass, which I think is an
indespensible PU skill. Cause you have to keep talking. And you can't rely
purely on material. You will always run out. But it's not the words anyway.
It's in the nonverbals, but you need to fill the airwaves with words, to
provide a vehicle for the nonverbal communication to piggy-back on. Cause if
you're not talking, there is no communication, the girl will get uncomfortable
and leave.

So the answer is to talk about bullshit. "OMG, do you guys remember the 80's? I
was at this club and it was 80's night. It was awful. I mean I SURVIVED the
80s..." I had this one set commenting on this. Maybe they were trying to shake
themselves out of state or something, cause they were totally transfixed with
me. I have not seen that kind of interest before. Intermittent giggling for no
reason whatsoever, all smiles, leaning in, hanging on my every word. They'd
give me a hard time, say they're going to leave or whatever, so I get all huffy
and turn my back and stay turned for a while. Eventually I turn back, and they
haven't moved an inch. They're still standing there staring at me.

I talked to them several different times. They were always like "it's a small
club, we'll see you in a little while." I always did. And they were transfixed
with me every time.

My AFC wing was pissed cause they were all up on my ass. I was trying to focus
only on my target, so he'd have a chance with the other one. I tried to drag my
target away so I could get a drink of water. They wouldn't let me. The obstacle
kept leaning in and listening to me.

My target was refusing to give up her #, even though they obviously both liked
me A LOT. I think the obstacle liked me, and my target didn't want to upset her
or something.

I told my wing this, and he said no way, I need to get better at reading women.
WTF??? OMG, AFCs are so fucking deluded!!!

Funny thing was, earlier they were girl-coding each other over my shoulder, and
I was like, "WTF, you guys are girl-coding each other, aren't you? Aren't you?
What did I tell you about that?" (I had run best friends test earlier.) A
minute later, guess what happened! "Let's go dance!" HA! I so called that!
And I told her so and I gloated.

I was trying to drag my chick off to the bar so I could get water, but the
obstacle wouldn't let me. She was like, "I thought you were going to get
water." I said "I thought you guys were going to go dance," and I backturned
on them. No one went anywhere. So started babbling about shit again.

Other points of note: I kino tested my target. I tried to spin-hug her, but
she wouldn't move, despite the fact that she seemed totally interested in me
and showed no signs of wanting to go anywhere. Ok. She needs more gaming. I
leaned back on the table, started babbling about shit, went into some
rapport-type convo. Later, I checked again. Made her put her hands on top of
mine, trust test style. She passed. (I didn't say I was doing the trust test
or anything, I just did it.) Nice.

At one point, I don't know how it came up, but she was actually talking about
the fact that we were totally communicating non-verbally. So I launched into
some kind of incredible connection style shit. She totally called me on
talking out my ass and I had to concede. It was actually funny though.

My wing spent the entire rest of the night freaking out cause he wanted to find
his target/my obstacle again. (Though he already had gotten her #.) I even
flipped out at one point and was like, "Dude, this headspace you are in is
totally fucked and you will never get any woman if you cannot stop stressing
and chill the fuck out!!!" He was all like, "I'm not stressing, I'm chill, I
just think it sucks that I couldn't find her." I mean he would not get off it.

He said I was being a lousy wing for cockblocking him, so I was like, ok, I'm
at your disposal. What do you want me to do? He wanted me to open and then back
off. Cool. No prob. So I rolled in on this 3set of cute chicks dancing in a
corner. It was going great. I was like, "Check it out, this dude fucking rocks,
and it's his birthday." And they greeted him warmly. So I backed off to let him
have the floor. He stood there, saying nothing, and stared at them like a
fucking weirdo. I was like, "What happened, dude?" He said he "wasn't feeling
it." Nice.

I did this one set, peeled my target, an adorably and fuckably cute 18 yr old,
off her friend, got her sitting with me in the corner, her leg draped over
mine. She was hooked, I qualified her, and I got her #. I was going to try to
get into deeper rapport, but I had to run off to help my dumbass wing, and
didn't talk to her again.

So these were the only two sets I really did for real. Course I talked to and
was opened by chicks beside that. I got 2 numbers, both from really cute girls
who I liked. For one of the first times, I felt like I really made a
connection. It was wild. I could have pushed myself harder and gotten more
numbers, because I was on fire. But I didn't really even want to. I was getting
that synthetic one-itis-Jlaix talks about, and it was emotionally draining.

So much drama and intense emotions! I couldn't take it. But I loved it. Ever
smoked some really killer KB and you feel like you're at one with the universe
and the essence of the universe love? I felt like that during the car ride

It was a good night.

Girls are my anti-drug.

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