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mASF post by LowRider69

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***Direct rules***
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mASF post by "LowRider69"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005


When you open with "I like you" you're essentially opening with "I'd like to
fuck you"


>Politics aside, and honest question
>here, I'd be curious to hear an answer
>to this as well. I've played around
>with the "I like you and want to meet
>you" opener," but found that I preferred
>other direct openers because I feel
>weird saying that I like her before I
>met her. Even the old "You look like
>someone I'd like to meet" or "You're
>cute, I wanted to come over here and
>meet you" or if you're with friends then
>"We want to meet you guys."
>I always figured that there was
>something lost in translation here, and
>that the other variations sounded
>smoother. Just from a grammatical
>perspective (I realize grammar is a part
>of the matrix, but hey..) why say that
>you like her when that would tend to
>connote that you know something about
>her? Does "like" mean "attracted" in

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