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Can‘t get started with pickup

mASF post by thrillseeker

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Can‘t get started with pickup
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mASF post by "thrillseeker"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

What the fuck, TD? This is the second "cold hard truth" post I've seen by you
in the last 2 days. Are you getting jaded man?

It's the damn truth. You have to want this bad in order to make it happen. It
takes a shitload of time, money (cause going out as many nights a week as
possible gets expensive) and perserverence in the face of adversity. Most
normal people just won't do it, and I don't blame them.

Just settle for the first half-way decent chick who jumps on your lap, and you
get a regular source of pussy and emotional support, and you're good to go.
Then you can backwards rationalize and say that she's the woman of your dreams,
even though you couldn't possibly know that, as you only have a handful of
girls (at best) to compare her to. And if you're the sort of person for whom
good enough is good enough, it's all cool.

Seriously, I'm not trying to talk smack here. I understand. It takes a
special kind of oddball, who either suffered a bad breakup, or was totally
incapable of getting pussy due to a lack of social intelligence, to have the
kind of motivation required.

I'm one of those one in ten, BTW. I'm glad so few have the perserverence to do
this. Otherwise I might have competition. Ha.

To answer the original question...

I think that's the biggest problem with Dave D. He gives you some good ideas
but no specific gameplan, and that lack of a gameplan held me back for a long

Here's my suggestion in brief: Find some openers. Go out and use them, to get
used to approaching women. First, don't even worry about talking to them
afterwards. FORCE yourself to do this a predetermined # of times, say 4 days a
week or whatever.

Next, do the same thing but just try and hold a conversation for a while. If
you want to, what the hell, try getting some #s.

Eventually, you'll see that just talking usually won't get you anywhere. (But
you could end up getting laid, who knows.) Then I'd recommend practicing
attracting. C&F type stuff. There are tons of lines and routines here on ASF,
you just have to dig for them. Work on using them. Just BOMBARD you target
with them, to get a feel for how they work. The best part about them, I think,
is to give you a feel for that dynamic of sexual tension. It's in the
ATTITUDE, not the lines.

Oh yeah, and be a closer not a gayboy. Always go for the #, push for the meet,
etc. That's how you get results. Even if you don't have stellar game, you
might get lucky. You never know. Knock on enough doors and some will open.

By then you should be able to attract hot girls consistently. That's where I
am now. There's still a lot more to learn after that, but that should keep you
busy for a long long time and get you a fair amount of success. Good luck.

Girls are my anti-drug.

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