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First night using Direct Game

mASF post by rocker44

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First night using Direct Game
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mASF post by "rocker44"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/23/05 5:48:00 PM, ox wrote:
>top quality post. i loved it.
>specially how you explain the
>mix of direct/indirect. i like
>how you describe that sets can
>bomb both ways anyhow. do you
>feel your game is more solid
>now that you incorporated


having been slojodan's wing for the last year and a half I'd say that direct
openers will end up helping him a lot, at least short term. He's always been
spotty opening sets and getting solid attraction. After he gets attraction his
game is pretty solid. Solid until he gets extraction/day 2 isolation anyway.

Plus Dan has always had problems with limiting beliefs, he still won't
date/fuck girls with boyfriends. I remember last summer when I was gaming girls
for quick makeouts I was describing how to go about kissing a girl in under two
minutes and he was like "I could never see myself kissing a girl within five
minutes of meeting her, that's just not something I would do" and now I see him
doing it consistently.

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