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Re: The Two Kinds of Last Minute Resistance

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: The Two Kinds of Last Minute Resistance
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, May 5, 2005

On 5/19/05 11:41:00 AM, Paraiso wrote:
>On 5/19/05 9:49:00 AM, Dimitri wrote:
>>I disagree here. I've been wiling out
>>lately, and had another new girl last
>>night. Virgin.
>>She was *very* into me, but she didn't
>>know how the whole sex thing really
>>worked yet. She needed no more
>>attraction. Just some gentle leading and
>True, this is a special circumstance I
>rarely ever encounter. They are so rare
>these days. Especially within the women
>I come in contact with which are
>anywhere between 23-35.

I feel you, man. She was 20 and Caribbean Catholic. Mmmmm....

>>Not a bad frame. How many women have you
>>slept with?
>A few. I do alright. Currently dating a
>girl from Turkey and just finished
>spending a week in Miami with an Italian
>girl I met on a plane on my way back
>from Amsterdam. What's funny is that I
>got together with this Italian girl
>after having read Woodhaven's posts.
>One thing that really stuck with me was
>what he said about including girls in
>your romance novel.

Nice. I've never dated a Turkish woman, and I'd love to someday. Italian...
just Mediterranean in general are just incredible.

>>I used to like the whole "challenge"
>>idea myself, but more and more I find
>>myself drawn to a more natural form of
>>game. I don't like artificially
>>presenting myself as a challenge... I'm
>>naturally a challenge since I'm such a
>>great guy with so many women after me...
>>That's my attitude. As for sex, if I
>>actually, genuinely like a girl, and
>>we've touched and kissed and gotten to
>>know each other and spent time together,
>>why wouldn't I want to sleep with her?
>>It's a mutual reward and a totally
>>natural thing.
>What I was suggesting wasn't artificial.

Ahhhh, I get you now.

>Carrying yourself like a real man is
>enough for her to understand what I'm
>about. Taking that into consideration
>rushed sex or LMR beating is not my cup
>of tea. Not because I can't but because
>I choose not to. Not satisfying to me.
>I think when you operate at a level
>where you're not outcome dependent you
>tend to enjoy the bubbling up of
>anticipation that much more. The sex for
>me is a lot more satisfying when you
>want her so bad that you tear eachother
>up when you finally get together.

I hear you, Paraiso. I think we're on the same page, man.

>>>up to you to make her willing
>>>and wanting and you should
>>>never let it go as far as her
>>>having LMR. Be challenging and
>>>smooth. This is where
>>>experience and finesse meet
>>Agreed. Woodhaven never gets LMR,
>>because he's so solid and smooth. He has
>>the best conversion rates in all
>>departments of everyone I've ever seen.
>Yeah. I really enjoy reading his recent
>posts. It's very nice to see a guy
>being succesful using a direct approach
>>>Now take the Korean girl from
>>>your example. She was
>>>attracted to you but I think
>>>you could have been smoother
>>>and taken your time and not
>>>rushed the lay. I mean what's
>>>the rush?
>>She was leaving for Chicago the next day
>>at noon, and I wanted to bed her before
>>she did. T'wasn't really necessary, but
>>I wanted to, so I did it.
>I didn't know that. Cool. This changes
>things but not too much. When you spoke
>with her before getting together what
>was the conversation like? This detail
>would reveal alot of what happened
>during the interaction.

It was wonderful. We had a really nice time, it was all gently leading towards
sex. The shy and nervous thing is just something I've verifiably seen with top,
top, top notch girls: A lot of 'em are awfully insecure for some strange
reason. A few of my friends in the community have said they've seen the same,
but once you find one that's totally confident, you'll be in heaven.

Anyway, it was a good vibe. She was calling me "honey" even when she was saying
she was nervous, so it's probably obvious it's on. She wanted it: Just needed
to be gently led, y'know?

>>>You could have
>>>taken your time and given her
>>>the best sex of your life.
>>I might've given her the best sex of her
>>life. The best sex of MY life is going
>>to be pretty damn hard to find again,
>>since she was *AMAZING* in bed, but
>>that's a whole other story ;)
>>>However you chose to go the
>>>route of busting her LMR. You
>>>got the pussy at all costs for
>>>One question. How many girls
>>>which have been fucked after
>>>overcoming LMR become repeat
>>>customers? I'm curious about
>>>this because this never gets
>>Excellent question.
>>My term for "repeat customers" is
>>"converted". After a girl is converted,
>>she'll treat you well and you can bed
>>her whenever you want, and she'll do
>>what you want her to do.
>>Back when I was a young thundercat, I
>>had a hard time converting girls I'd
>>lay. Nowdays, though, I have a 100%
>>conversion rate on girls I want to keep.
>>Girls that screen themselves out I might
>>have a one-night stand with, but if I
>>want her in the rotation and sleep with
>>her once, it always works out now. My
>>little Korean 10 and I have talked again
>>since we slept together and it's still
>>super on. When she gets back from
>>Illinois in a week we'll have at it
>>again, no problem.
>Nice. That's what my game is about
>nowaday. I like to have MLTR's and go
>for the ONS whenever a girl turns me on
>to the point where I must have her but
>she's more than likely not a candidate
>for LTR.

Yeah, me too, definitely me too. I really like your style Paraiso: Thanks for
the comments and do continue to post more. Your game seems like it's very
enlightened and you've got the right attitudes. Be well.



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