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Social Retards, Normal Guys, Pick-Up Artists

mASF post by money_matteo

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Social Retards, Normal Guys, Pick-Up Artists
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mASF post by "money_matteo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

Yeah man.
Way too many social retards abound.
Thundercat is a virgin for chrissakes.
Mystery put it well calling ASF a place where, 'the blind lead the blind'..

Your list is good but you are far too easy to grant the PUA status to people..
one new chick every couple of months ain't all that.

i personally *love* the fast seduction 'where are you at levels'..

AFC Levels
A WBAFC (Way Below Average Frustrated Chump)...

* Is a virgin and thinks women should be "respected".
* Has never kissed a woman in his life, doesn't know how.
* Is sexually repressed in someway; doesn't understand how guys get laid
and thinks its wrong to fuck women, even if he wants to.
* Couldn't get laid in whore house with $5,000 in his pocket.
* Gets his nails "colored" in order to feel (at least once in his life)
what it would be like if a chick was spanking his monkey for him.
* Becomes uneasy or embarrassed when talking about sex. Thinks thongs are
* Sings along to the lyrics of AFC songs out loud and watches way too many
Hollywood romantic comedies.
* Gets sweaty and nervous if a woman even looks at him.
* Believes his problem is he hasn't "blossomed" yet
...or worse, doesn't know he has a problem.
* Jacks off to Japanese comics.
* Thinks "be yourself" actually means "be yourself".
* Has had at least 10 crushes on chicks he's never talked to, and is well
on his way to 5 more
...before finally realizing he might have an issue (that he hasn't yet
met the "right girl").
* Thinks players exist only in fantasy...
...if he even knows what a player is.
* Thinks the character "Ross" on the TV Show "Friends" is a player.

A BAFC (Below Average Frustrated Chump)...

* Thinks he might have a problem
...but doesn't know what the problem is.
* Bases his perception of romantic love on what he sees in movies.
* He believes in "fate" and thinks the advice "being yourself" is gold...he
thinks someday he'll magically meet his dream HB and they'll live happily ever
* Dresses GQ but talks to dudes all day.
* Realizes players exist, but thinks the lifestyle is evil or to be
* Believes that Playboy's "playmates" are not really like other women,
because when unfolding the centerfold he blurts internally, "Oh Anna-Marie, you
are so beautiful you just can't be one of them. I love you so much I should
bless you footsteps wherever you go! Muah!".
* When his AFC friends just say "hi" to chicks, he thinks they are players.
* Has never heard the term "alpha male".

A AFC (Average Frustrated Chump)...

* Knows he has a problem attracting chicks
...thinks he'll eventually solve it by doing the same things
...or that one day Oprah will give him that one piece of advice that will
make the difference.
* Knows players exist, secretly wishes to be one, doesn't know how.
* Has heard the phrase "Let's Just Be Friends" from just about every chick
he's taken out on a date.
* Depends on luck for all his success.
* Has that "one girl" he's trying to figure out how to get.
* May have found mASF but still can't admit to himself he's an AFC
...or miraculously realizes how great a PUA he is already is going to
become as when he can finally PU that one special girl after reading stuff in
ASF for 30 seconds. All he has to do is just post one request for advice on the
forum and start it with "This isn't one-itis-but there's this one girl who..."

GPUA Levels
A rAFC (Average Frustrated Chump, starting path to recovery)... [GPUA-1]

* Has finally gotten past the stage in his life of having "crushes" on
chicks, but still occasionally falls into the one-itis-trap.
* Doesn’t currently have one-itis-but stays in touch with his ex-GF (who
nexted him a year he claims it's not one-itis-Thinks masturbation is OK, but would like to and will try to fuck a chick
once in a while at least for the sake of meeting some new people!
* Has found mASF and admitted to himself he's an AFC.
* Has asked where to find the "Elvis opener" / "newbie mission" at least
...and has succesfully field tested the one of them, with his mother!!!
* Still doesn't know what the Universal Opener is.
* Thinks a 6 is a HB but at least is starting to approach more women.
* Sees rejection as a bad thing.
* Has # closed 10 girls, but all have the same number... 911.
* Can’t distinguish a flake from a real date...yet.
* Stuck on doing canned openers, isn't aware that openers can be dynamic.
* Has turned "Shit!, I fucked it up again!" into his "preferential"
recurrent chorus. But hey, at least he's in first line of fire!
* Is actively working his way to be a GPUA-2 / RAFC.

A RAFC (Recovering Average Frustrated Chump)... [GPUA-2]

* Is able to notice falling into the one-itis-trap, but is able to control
himself in order to move forward.
* Takes everything he's learned as rAFC and begins to take real actions.
* Knows what the Universal Opener is but still doesn't know its power.
* Knows how to get a lot of number closes and is happy about it
...until he finds out firsthand how flaky almost all women can be.
* Has stopped kicking himself over mistakes in the field.
* Is on his way to curing himself of all aspects of one-itis-Is actively working his way to be a GPUA-3 / GPUA.

A GPUA (Green Pick-UP Artist-[GPUA-3]

* Is approaching as many women as he can.
* Is contact closing regularly and finally understands the flake dichotomy.
...and deals with it properly when he does encounter it.
* Can post interesting field reports and is enthusiastic for feedback when
he does.
* Is starting to pull off dynamic openers.
* Is happy to be constantly learning from his mistakes.
* Is finally cured of all past one-itis-is able to detect the onset of it
...and stops it dead in its tracks.
* Has gotten his first lay (with a HB6+ chick) without much dependence on
luck - working it almost entirely through his conscious actions
...and is well on his way to banging more with the same repeat of skill.
* Honestly believes for the first time he is already becoming a PUA.
* Can reasonably PU in "street" environments (not just bar, club, or party)
...but may not prefer it (meaning, he has the CHOICE/OPTION).
* Is able to provide useful advice to others on their path to improvement.
* Is actively working his way to be a PUA.

PUA Levels
A PUA / Natural (Pick-Up Artist or "Player")... [PUA-1]

* Can successfully PU chicks on his own, without wings, even in street PU.
* Can get lays from chicks that he's never met before and "cold" PU'd.
* Understands AI / IAI and the "natural" mindset, but doesn't depend on it.
* Structures PU with a systematic "toolbox" mindset.
* Catches himself thinking "Naaaaaaahhhh, I won't post that LR. Looks too
similar to that other one I posted last weak... and the chick wasn't more than
a 8.5... ".
* Is actually congruent internally/externally when doing PU.
* Knows the distinction between attraction and seduction
...and knows how to manage each stage to optimize his PU experience
...or is capable of melding the 2 into 1 cohesive framework.
* Knows how to manage his internal state consistently to great effect.
* Has methods an know-how which could make a big impact on uASF/mASF/FS101
...and which other (regular) guys can learn to use regularly and
* Is at least maintaining his skills as a PUA regularly.

A PUE/PUG (Pick-Up Expert/Guru)... [PUA-2]

* Is a PUA who's also become specialized in a specific form of PU to the
point of a consistently high success rate in that niche.
* Is conscious enough of his methods and skills to be able to teach them,
whether he chooses to or not.
* A guy can be a PUG in a specific method, environment, or kind of chick.
* E.g. RJ is a PUG for SS, TokyoPUA is a PUG for street PU and also Asian

A PUM (Pick-up Master)... [PUA-2]

* Is a top-form PUA, reaching the highest levels of skill in all areas and
may also be specialized in a specific form of PU, but not necessarily.
* Can be a PUE/PUG as well as being a PUM.
* Can PU in street and clubs/bars equally well, environment does not pose a
challenge to him.
* Knows how to utilize an "ultimate frame" and the ability to re-frame
anything and everything to his advantage.
* Has experienced thoughts such as: "Oh well, my primary was out of the
city and I ignored my secondaries as I wanted to bang again that SHB 10, just
to know if she deserved to become one of my FBs... but then I thought maybe I'd
rather go to the bar with my friends and play pool... "
* Always draws women into HIS reality, not the other way around.
* Gives advice that only PUAs are able to pick up quickly.
* Gives advice so beyond "normal" reality that it makes GPUAs take pause.
* Looks at the game on a much higher level; it is all abstracted to him.
* No longer needs "practice" as his life is the perpetual essence of PU.

"I'm charming, I'm dashing, I'm rental car bashing, I'm phoney paper passing at
Nick's Check Cashing" -Paul's Boutique

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