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secret of the game

mASF post by mask-raider

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secret of the game
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mASF post by "mask-raider"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

I probably don't know the demographics of this community as much as formhandle
who runs this site, or an instructor, who gets to coach people every couple
weeks for his job, or someone who has been around for a really long time. But i
am being too modest perhaps... i know at least a bit. I have done a fair amount
of travelling, and have met some number of people in this strange society, in
different countries and even continents, and i think i know a little secret of
what the people in this community need and are looking for.

first, you have to understand the concept of "game". Whence did this metaphor
take root? You can think of male-female social dynamics in terms of "game" and
it may be helpful sometimes, but you don't need to.

Well, my conclusion, after my experiences thusfar, of meeting people, reading
people's posts, and seeing things, is that...

what it boils down to in this community, though it is clearly a generalization,
is basically...

This site is for people who want and need and are looking for WHITE BOY GAME!

Mystery, Shark, Thundercat, everybody, are we not trying to be advanced white
boy gamers and learn advanced white boy game! That is what this is. We know not
all African-americans, blacks, wherevers have game. just most of the ones who
are famous and are celebrities, but most people in the semi-racist world see
these stand outs as representing them all, as is natural human psychological
tendency. I have many friends of all races and countries, and am not prone to

But in the hip hop community there are so many game secrets passed around in
the songs sung. But this place attempts to decrypt it for us, for us WHITE
PEOPLE (or occasional asian), and put it in our terminology. which i am just
willing to guess most people here are. White, or perhaps asian.

If anyone contradicts me, please post up! I always enjoy proof that any
generalization is a lie. But i think i am on to something. What, after all, are
mystery and these people except white boy gamers, reframers?

one has a right to bunbury anywhere one chooses!
every serious bunburyist knows that!!! (oscar wilde)

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