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Emotionally Isolating Women In PUA Methodology

mASF post by Thundercat

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Emotionally Isolating Women In PUA Methodology
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mASF post by "Thundercat"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

On 1/26/05 2:30:00 PM, san***m@at***.com[ ? ] wrote:
>None who have ever come to my seminars
>after attending Mystery's have
>been any good at Mystery's or ever got
>ANY results from Mystery's. That is
>ALL I have said.

Yeah, wait until they try your stuff for a while and see how much that
doesn't work.

Ever notice how the students who leave SS and move on to MM seem to
have so much more success than those who go from MM to SS? Wonder
why that is.

>I have 100% certainty that MYSTERY can
>do what MYSTERY teaches. I have
>little certainty that most guys going to
>his seminars can learn to have much
>success with his methods.

How would you know? You've never been out in a workshop with them.
If you could go out and see the students at a workshop, you'd probably
sing a different tune. But of course, that'd mean you'd have to stay up
past your 9:30 beddie-bye time.

Heaven forbid you should see and experience Mystery's methods in the
field rather than hear about them first hand from guys not confident
enough to make his stuff work.

>My personal experience is, of about a
>dozen guys who came to my seminars
>AFTER doing Mystery's NONE OF THEM GOT

A dozen? That's 12 right? Out of all the guys Mystery has taught, 12
guys have come to you?

How many students have you taught, Ross? And how many of them
moved on to other stuff after finding out SS didn't work for them?

Because if that's how your judging the success of a method, I hate to
break it to you stringbean, your method is probably one of the LEAST
successful ones out there.

>Are there SOME people who get results
>from it? PROBABLY. I have no personal
>knowledge of it.

Yeah, because we all know you refuse to go out in the field.

>Let me go further: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE
>Then adapt what you learn to YOUR
>personality, and leave out as much of
>"punishment" as you can, if you want to
>stay reasonably mentally healthy and
>attract reasonably sane women.

Punishment? That may be your fucked-up frame, Ross, since you seem
to have the belief that going out to have a good time with women will be
met with nothing but rejection.

>As for Style, he is a super-smart guy,
>with good social skills already, prior
>learning anyone's methods. He always had
>girlfriends(and hot ones at that:
>I've seen the pics), has a huge social
>circle due to his job, he has great
>discipline to learn from his mistakes,
>and he's got keen insight into people,
>as a writer.

Dude, I've seen Style go out with ridiculous looking wigs and pick-up
strange (but hot) women in bars who knew nothing about him or what
he did. And Style isn't all that attractive of a guy.

By your definition of what makes Style so good with women, what's your
excuse, Ross? Do you not have good social skills? Do you not always
have girlfriends? Do you not have a huge social circle because of your
job? Do you not have great discipline to learn from your mistakes? Do
you not have keen insights into people? Are you not a writer as well?

If that's the case, then by all accounts you should be having the same
success as Style does, since arguably, he's not a good looking guy by
your standards.

But you don't.

Style uses MM a great deal, in addition to other methods. Maybe if you
used MM too, you could duplicate Style's results instead of being a
lonely old man who's only exposure to pussy is his kitty-cats.

>Style is sharp enough to make ANYTHING
>work, including SS, which he uses.

So by that statement, only incredibly sharp people can make your
system work?

Dude, get over yourself.


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