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Emotionally Isolating Women In PUA Methodology

mASF post by san***m@at***.com[ ? ]

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Emotionally Isolating Women In PUA Methodology
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mASF post by "san***m@at***.com[ ? ]"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

On 1/24/05 10:31:00 PM, Jamster wrote:
>Thundercat was harsher than I
>would have put it, but he has
>a point.
>When you start by AMOGing
>>...before finally coming to
>With the presupposition that
>yours is the ultimate seminar,
>when I suspect that many of
>your guys "finally" end up
>somewhere else. Do you think
>I'm mistaken? I don't really
>know either way. Just a

In this case, with these two guys, they BOTH went together to a DYD seminar
and then to an MM seminar. Finally, they came to me.

I should have them post their experiences here, at some point.
>>It is this constant generating
>>of anxiety through freeze
>>outs, back turns, etc.
>>and that I find objectionable
>>in the method; it's playing on
>>someone's fears
>>and insecurities to get what
>>you want.
>>I've never quite been able to
>I'm sure they read the
>newsletters. I'm also sure the
>newletters affected them more
>than they would care to admit.

Thanks. I know I've influenced many of these "competitors". I know for a fact
that Mystery uses my stuff during the physical isolation phase of what he
does. He told me so himself and he's said it elsewhere. And as for DYD..don't
get me started.

Blunderfat can call me Mine 99 all he wants, but the facts speak for myself.
I've heavily influenced most of the teachers out there.
>I think you articulated that
>strategy very well in one (or
>more) of those excellent
>newsletters. IIRC you
>suggested that a good phone
>message might play on those
>very same fears by saying
>" didn't seem to be the
>person to pass up an
>opportunity like this."

That's really not the same thing. Here is why:

1. I'm not talking about a visceral, primal fear. I'm talking about using the
"buzz word" effect of a term like "opportunity". Opportunity carries with it
connotations of scarcity, value, etc.

The basic message is, YOU are not going to lose out if she doesn't call. SHE
will. It's more a meta-state of "don't want to lose" than a raw, primal anxiety
of being isolated from one's own peer group.
>I don't have it at hand and
>I'm too slow to remember it
>exactly, but it was impressive
>and you talked about this very
>concept. But you were pretty
>positive about using it.
>Unlike ThunderCat, I'm not
>being sarcastic. Your
>newletters are great. Much of
>the basic dogma of this group
>came from them. You are like
>a founding father.

BlunderFat has some great personal issue with me. I guess he was too dumb
to make SS work or he was trying to push it through his own self-hatred, and
NOTHING will work through that.

I've offered to fix his inner game», but he'd rather stay stuck in fear and
Shame, that.
>OTOH, it seems to me that you
>are coming here to trash your
>competition under the guise of
>having insight. And you do
>have insight. Can't deny

No intent to trash. Really, this was musings on my insights on MM/PUA
>Please, don't head in the
>direction of bitter competitor
>(and I mean that as a fan).

Which competitor would that be? I'm curious.
>People here really should
>think about the whole TD
>phenomena, but the cynical
>view is no more close to the
>truth then the most big-eyed
>belief is.
>>Comments? QUESTIONS?
>OK, so it might not be exactly
>what you wanted, but I made a
>stab at intelligent comment

Good job.
>Jamster Geezer
>"If you can't be graceful,
>fake it."

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