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Sticking Point: Waiting For Rapport Outing Report Watch Buying Temp

mASF post by Wesmantooth

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Sticking Point: Waiting For Rapport Outing Report Watch Buying Temp
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mASF post by "Wesmantooth"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

Thanks for the replies guys. Much obliged.


>I wouldn't start out by seeking Rapport
>- thats what most guys try to do.

I don't start out by seeking Rapport. I start out with an Opinion Opener (Who
Lies More) and let the thread go where it will.

>I would demonstrate value first.

I attempt to do this by using an Opinion Opener and not seeking Rapport with
the girl like most other LAMOs in the clubs do. I will get their opinions and
Bust on their answers.

After that conversation thread starts to die I will generally go into The Lying
Game. The version where you ask five questions and they must answer each with a
lie. More busting generally follows. Mostly they hugely enjoy this and laugh
and sometimes playfully hit me. IOI?

After that all dissipates I run the Best Friends IVD. They always enjoy it and
laugh their asses off.

After these things I have more Routines on my guideline but after your response
and Harmless's and n3rv1's I may forget about them for the time being.

>Then draw her in through being
>interesting, intriguing, demonstrating
>that you understand her, evoking strong
>emotions in her...

Demonstrating that I understand her? By using Gunwitch's Rapport Assumption?

How would you go about evoking strong emotions in her?

I'm thinking that I would perhaps try some Patterns, which I have not attempted
before. Maybe even talk about the dynamics of guys approaching girls in clubs
and how they interact with each other. Maybe tell her about why she puts up her
Bitch Shield and various other little behaviours she performs subconciously
which this site has educated me in.

Is this the type of thing you do IN10SE?

>So it's about me qualifying her. A
>friend of mine Swinggcat, is a master at
>this approach. It's about making them
>feel like they're jumping through YOUR

Do you mean for example;
Wesmantooth: Are you rich?
Chick: No...
Wesmantooth: Hmm...well can you cook?
Chick: Yes :)
Wesmantooth: Well that's alright, I gues we can hang out then?

Make her feel like I am becoming slowly interested in her when she reveals
attributes about her that I like and look for in a girl?

>An approach that I'll use now is where I
>reverse the game entirely, and I make
>the woman aware that she's chosen ME,
>because when your CHOSEN by a woman it's
>an entirely different game. - so much
>easier. And even if they didn't
>initially choose me, I have methods and
>reframes that make them think they HAVE.
>I'll say it again, being CHOSEN (or
>reframing it so that that is the
>perception) by a woman is NEXT LEVEL
>game and stuff that I cover in my book.

I'm assuming this piece of advice is not free, IN10SE? ;)

>Again hook points are the best times to
>ISOLATE or change VENUES.

I will try and remember that!

>This is when you're alone at your/her
>place, making out on the couch and she
>does something overt like grabs your
>crotch or says, "Let's go to the
>bedroom" - then you know its ON.

Lol, thanks I can handle shit when it gets to that stage. :D

>When you find this sense of connection
>it's almost magical... it's like being
>fully in the moment... where you lose
>track of time, and you're just fully
>immersed in this experience with this
>person... things just FLOW... and things
>are just right... like they were meant
>to be... and you can see yourself with
>this person... both now and in the
>future... connecting on every level...

I'm stealing this!

>I'm sure they do, but it is VERY subtle.
>I have had OVERT signs though - One
>woman that I met, I DID notice that she
>had a ring on her left forth finger. I
>talked to her anyway, did attraction
>game and went into rapport with her...
>all under 5 minutes. She went to go to
>the bathroom and when she came back, the
>ring was SWITCHED to her right hand. Now
>THAT'S an overt sign of interest. She
>probably never knew that I picked up on

Sly girl!

>Yes, demonstrating value is important,
>but is't also important to QUALIFY. You
>should get into both Mystery's stuff

I'm thinking of using Mystery's Identity Grounding for this. Do you use it?

>some courses (Mystery method», RSD) and
>buy some ebooks (Mine, Swinggcat,
>Thundercat) and practice what you read
>in there in the real world.

Fuck me in the goat ass! I can't afford that stuff! Anyways, I am compelled to
learn this basic shit by myself. I'm a smart guy, I can do this.

Thanks for the advice IN10SE.


>Agreed. In fact, seeking Rapport
>actively reduces your ability to build
>attraction. You should be *breaking*
>rapport to build attraction. In fact,
>IMO the only time you build rapport is
>if her lack of rapport is a barrier to
>escalation. In other words, if you sense
>that she is not ready to isolate with
>you because there isn't enough comfort,
>then build comfort so you can isolate.
>Don't just build comfort because "I'm
>supposed to build comfort."

Mint! This paragraph really helped to clarify shit for me! I've read it before
but I just needed to hear it again, I had forgotten about it.

>This is crucial. In order for her to
>seek rapport, you must demonstrate those
>qualities which would make her want
>rapport with you. If she doesn't want to
>get to know you... she won't seek
>rapport. Obvious, right?

You sure have a way of wording things, Harmless. Agreed 100%!

>Another thing that is crucial is to show
>her that you already have rapport with
>her. Show her that you know all about
>her. This is the reasoning behind
>Gunwitch's "Verbal Rapport Assumption".
>Act like you know her and she will feel
>a "rapport gap" and seek rapport with
>you. Act like you're trying to gain
>rapport and she will not feel as if she
>needs to seek rapport. It's the
>difference between "He knows all about
>me but I don't know him" and "He is
>trying to get to know me but he seems
>like just another guy". Which scenario
>would force her to seek rapport?

Simple, but very important. I never seek Rapport, but I'm thinking my Value
just isn't being displayed at the moment. Value which I know I have.

>Are your sets so short because you get
>blown out or because you eject? Are you
>settling for a #close?

I Eject. I haven't actually been Blown Out now that I think of it. And I
haven't been getting numbers.

I've just been running the Opener and a few Routines in all the sarges I've
done in the last few weeks. My mindset at the time was 'get used to doing the
opener and these routines, then next set add another routine or game, next set
add another, and another etc.'

I guess I was just trying to build a base for myself. But I really should be
staying the fuck in set and getting the number!

>It sounds like you're doing a lot of
>routines and providing them with a lot
>of stimulation but never actually
>connecting to these girls emotionally or
>physically or forcing them to react to

Yeah agreed. Harmless, "I feel so comfortable with you." :D

>It is extremely important to say and do
>things that actually involve and affect
>the girl. Like kino. Like cold-reads.
>Things that actually force her to have
>an emotional response to you.

How about a Palm Reading? Not only does that start Kino but I'm also
'hopefully' telling the girl things she can associated with herself.

>The best way I've found is by telling
>the girls about themselves. Showing them
>that you know 'all about them'. And
>forcing them to try to figure out
>whether you like what you've found out.

I'm thinking that I would perhaps try some Connection Patterns, which I have
not attempted before. Maybe even talk about the dynamics of guys approaching
girls in clubs and how they interact with each other. Maybe tell her about why
she puts up her Bitch Shield and various other little behaviours she performs
subconciously which this site has educated me in. Showing her that I understand
these things would make her think I 'know all about her', yes?

Is this the type of thing you do Harmless?


>There is enough free info on this site
>to get any normal human male laid. Stay
>away from ANYONE who tells you you have
>to take seminars or buy ebooks to get
>laid, as they are trying to pull the
>wool over your eyes.

Lol, always looking out for me! :D

Thanks for your original reply also, very helpful dude!

Thanks in advance guys!


"There is no spoon"
- Neo

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