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How do you make her qualify herself?

mASF post by IN10SE

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How do you make her qualify herself?
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mASF post by "IN10SE"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

Demonstrate value.

Most of this is INNER GAME» stuff.

You know, most of the time when a guy has high status, he'll act a certain way,
talk a certain way - exude a confidence with women that is natural... not
rehearsed or faked.

Confidence comes from doing. Just do it. Talk to women, interact with women,
make friends with women, understand them - get into their mindset and your
skillset will follow.

I'm telling you this from my experience having been in the Seduction community
for several years now - and from knowing and personally interacting with
friends and fellow seducers like RJ, Mystery, Swinggcat, Style, Tyler D., Papa,
The One, Don Juan, Badboy, Shark, stRiPPed, MadDash, Harmless, Riker,
Thundercat... It's all about getting a life.

Remember, it's not about playing games. This is the real deal. You've got to
get something going for you. Get a life. Do what you're good at. Have a passion
or several. Get GAME.

Women have the most highly evolved BS detectors and will instantly sense out a
"loser" from a guy who genuinely has GAME.

And "Game" is something that can overflow from one area of your life to others
- provided that you don't have any mental blocks.

Value comes in many forms - some more obvious than others. To some it can be
financial, to many social value (celebs), to some status (Doctors, Lawyers), to
some it can be simply fulfilling a need no one has ever been able to fulfill

There are many different paths - all lead to having VALUE in a womans eyes.

Have value. Demonstrate it. Open up your world to her. Bring her into it.


the earth turned to bring us closer
it turned on itself and in us
until it finally brought us together in this dream

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