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Re: Razorjack and direct

mASF post by razorjack

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Re: Razorjack and direct
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mASF post by "razorjack"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

> From: Heisse
> Thank you for your reply, razorjack!

No problem, bro! Let's keep this going! :)

> On 6/7/05 10:07:36 AM, razorjack wrote:
> >So forget IOIs. IOIs are great to observe, but you'll have a better chance
of opening the set
> if
> >you approach chicks that give you SUBTLE or no IOIs.
> What do you mean by subtle IOIs?

What you saw as an IOI, the hairflip, was a BLATANT IOI. Every guy including
AFCs knows what this
means. Chicks know that this will get a guy's attention, just as intense EC, a
wink and a smile,
etc. These are so obvious even to inexperienced guys. And chicks can do these

A more subtle IOI is an IOI that's not so obvious, like a chick placing herself
within 5 meters of
you and in your line of sight, but no EC, no hair flip, etc.

She wants you to notice her, but doesn't want to be too obvious in case you
don't want her. In her
mind if she gives you obvious signals and you don't approach, then she feels
blown out and her ego
gets damaged. She feels like she just dropped several rungs on that social
ladder and her social
value drops. You do remember the social ladder concept right? :)

Are you starting to get what I mean when I say explore the concepts in RJM
further in depth now?
You see how I can relate all chick behavior to the social ladder concept?

So chicks that use obvious IOIs are doing it to get attention and validation to
raise their social
value! So the average guy is thinking this chick is attracted to him, but she's
doing the same
shit to EVERY guy!

Chicks that aren't that obvious with their IOIs are afraid of rejection and
we'll do it subtly, so
as to not feel rejected.

Often times these IOIs are so subtle, that they are not obvious to the average
guy and AFCs would
never pick up on them.

> >> Another problem is keeping my state what I go solo. How do you prevent
yourself from getting
> >> bored when you go out alone?
> >By having a goal for the night, focusing on it and going after it.
> I think, I need to know more about your general approach to PU and strategy.
> What goal do you set for yourself?

To find an interesting chick and getting to know her.

> What do you do before hitting the club?

Take a shower and put on clothes! :)

Nowadays, I think about NOTHING. I just put on some music while I'm shaving and
putting on

BUT before I got to this point I would focus on what I wanted to achieve that
night, what I wanted
to find out about the chick, etc.

> How do you get yourself in the mood?

Just throw on some techno club music! :)

> What kind of affirmations or visualizations do you do?

None, don't need 'em.

You gotta remember that I've always been a natural and never needed to do this
stuff before.

> If you could sum up your belief about PU in one sentence, what would that be?

When I approach a chick, I'm handing her a winning $$$$MILLION$$$$ lottery
ticket, I'm giving her
what EVERY woman desires in a man.

> >> I do know, I'm just subconsciously afraid that it's difficult to find a
chick like that.
> >Or that you will get yourself blown out if you try and find these things out
about her?
> >I mean seriously, WHY are you going after chicks without finding out who
they are?
> Well, that was the first approach for the night. Kind of warmup/throwaway.
And it did turn out
> to be a throwaway. But seriously, I just have to switch from routine based to
a more natural
> approach. That's what I'm doing.


> >What do you HOPE to accomplish by doing that?
> >Or are you misunderstanding me when I say finding out what a chick is like?
> Yes, I did not understand your term. I know that as EV, I love doing that.

Call it EV or whatever you want that will help you understand what I'm doing.

But also realize that I'm not doing EV in the classic ASF sense. I'm not trying
to find out what
her values or "trance" words are so I can feed them back to her or what she
desires in a man so I
can be that man for her.

Instead all I'm doing is digging into her personality to see if *I* can find
something interesting
in her personality that I can connection with. I call it qualifying, because if
she doesn't have
anything that I find interesting then I will get bored and eject her.

> In the back of my
> mind, I still had Tyler's algorithmic approach and his routines. I have to
scrap it.

I know, dude. What Tyler and Mystery do is so much easier for alot of guys to
relate to cuz it
follows a logical structure.

If I did PU like that I would quickly get bored. I just love the spontaneous
and dynamic flow of
it all. It's thrill of the hunt that keeps me going.

> What kind of girls are your after?

Well hot chicks for one! But chicks that are also open and willing to connect
with me. A chick
that is willing to share herself with me. If a chick doesn't have anything that
I can connect
with, then I will quickly become bored with her.

So what I do is just dig and dig and really put in the effort to find something
interesting about
her. Before I would give up to easily.

>What are your venues?

Night clubs where chicks are 22+ yrs.

> >Then WHY are you even approaching these chicks, if they didn't look good
enough for you to
> >compliment in the first place?
> >INCONGRUENCY, my brotha!
> Yep. In the back of my head, I'm still practicing approaches. I think I have
to quit that
> habit.

What are you practicing for, if not for the big game?

I mean athletes practice all the time, but it's to prepare themselves for the

Maybe it's time to play the game instead of practicing?

> >Here I'm thinking it was your delivery or your body language might have been
too aggressive.
> Yep, gotta be more laid-back.

Well, it's hard to say since I didn't actually see what you were doing. But
this is the case, more
often than not.

> >There was a SIGNIFICANT reason WHY she spent an ENTIRE summer in New York.
WHY did you not
> bother
> >finding out what that reason was???!!!!
> She lives in New York. It means that she stayed at home.

Haaahaaaa! You ran into a cold New York bitch? :) Wasn't clear from what you

Anyways it doesn't matter, why did she choose to live in New York of all
places? Did she grow up
there or did she move there later in life? etc

See what I'm getting at?

> >ABOUT IT????!!!!!
> See above

It doesn't matter, just because she gives you a boring answer, you gotta take
what she gives you
and try to find something interesting about her.

> >Why are you not finding out WHAT she thought was adventurous about
travelling to those places
> and
> >WHY just those places. Why did she pick those places? What did she do there?
What did she like
> the
> >most about those places? What would she recommend YOU do if you travel
> >You could have spent the whole night talking about this alone!
> My bad. I will fix it next time.

Good. Just remember that this a form of art, not rocket science! Hence the term
Pick-up ARTIST-Science is cold, clinical, calculating, logical, limited to what can be proven,

Art is supposed be fun, spontaneous, dynamic, with no limits, etc. Be all those
things when
talking to chicks!

> >> Her: no . I'm a junior high school teacher.
> >> Me: is it hard to control a class?
> >***MAJOR BITCHSLAP!!!!****
> >You keep jumping from one subject to another without talking about anything
> >Why did she become a junior high teacher? What made her choose that? What
does she like best
> about
> >it? etc......
> I see. So you go into EV immediately

See above, call it EV if you want. But like I said I'm NOT trying to elicit her

I'm trying to find out something interesting about her. Something that *I*
think is interesting,
I'm not trying to impress or attract her.

> >You have to learn to be an interesting conversationalist. By that I don't
mean learn more C&F
> >lines! This is the last thing you need.
> Yeah, I see that C&F and fake disinterest screwed up my style.

A good looking guy that does this will have some serious problems. This screwed
me up in the

The guys who came up with this don't have our looks and certainly weren't
naturals to begin with.
The majority of guys in the world aren't good looking and aren't naturals. So
put 1 and 1 together
and you understand why SO MANY guys do the C&F/disinterest thing.

Remember the social ladder concept I explained in my method?

Well, when chicks see a good looking guy, they automatically assume he is
higher up on the social
ladder. So they are looking for your approval and at the same time they have
the most fragile

So the minute you use C&F or fake disinterest, they believe that they don't
have a chance with
you. So in order to save their ego from rejection, they don't even bother going
after you.

BUT if you take on the qualities of guys already at the top of the social
ladder (meaning you
don't give a shit about the social ladder in the first place, you just realize
that this is the
trap that the rest of society fell into) and believe that you are what women
desire (because you
know all the social consequences are just fucking illusions), combined with
your looks, you will
be fucking lethal!

You are like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, James Bond, etc. When you approach a chick
and compliment her
on her looks, femininity, etc then she lights up and feels good about herself.
Imagine if Brad
Pitt walked up to an ordinary chick and complimented her the way I do, how
would that chick feel
about herself?

It's the same as if Angelina Jolie walked up to you and told you that you were
the hottest thing
she ever saw! How would that make you feel?

By doing this, you ignite the fire and passion in chicks from the very
beginning and she believes
that she just won the $$$$MILLION$$$$ lottery! :)

And the best part? If it doesn't work out immediately, they will remember you
TIME! :)

There was a chick I approached and talked to a couple of months ago, just like
I described above.
She didn't want to or couldn't get with me back then for some reason, maybe she
got scared,
nervous or was overwhelmed. Anyways back then I told her that I would like to
see her sometime and
tried to #close, but didn't get it. Does this mean that she wasn't attracted to


Chicks are different, they don't always make the best decisions at the right

So anyways after this night, I figured I will never see her again and kept on
sarging. What had
happened was that I had "hooked" this chick, I had gotten under her skin. It
wasn't until the next
day that she realized that she just threw away a million dollar winning lottery
ticket! I was the
guy she was looking for and she let me go because of a "knee jerk" reaction!

She lives 1 hour outside of town, but she kept coming back to the same night
club for the next few
months HOPING to see me again! :)

So after a few months of looking for me, I showed up at that night club again
and she didn't
hesitate to approach me. The thing that amazed me the most was that she was
completely sober!

I really admired her courage for doing that and now she is my mLTR. When I'm
with her, I rock her
world and she has ALL of my attention. She knows that I PU other chicks, but
she wants to be with
me with NO CONDITIONS attatched! How can you not love a chick like that? :)

And I can tell you that she isn't the only chick that's done this to me! I'll
get chicks that I
can't even remember talking to, describing details of the past interaction and
that I told them
they were beautiful, etc. I moved them emotionally and was the guy they were
looking for but for
some reason they let me go and regretted it.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

When you're a good looking guy, sometimes you can fry a chick's circuits and
you have to be
careful to not blow them out but at the same time NOT bore them to death! :)

> >Read up on Juggler, Zan, Svengali, Jimbo, Franco, MrSex4UNYC and Razorjack!
:) And see how
> those
> >guys talk with chicks and keep the conversation interesting. Not only that,
they know how to
> >engage the readers with the way they write, cuz that is also how they
communicate IRL!
> Yes, and they are modest as well ;)

Yeah, except that Razorjack, he's a cocky asshole! :)

> Thank you for your comments.

Let's keep this going, I feel like we're starting to get somewhere!


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