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Emotionally Isolating Women In PUA Methodology

mASF post by OceanEyes

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Emotionally Isolating Women In PUA Methodology
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mASF post by "OceanEyes"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, January 1, 2005

On 1/25/05 6:23:00 PM, Gunwitch wrote:
>On 1/25/05 4:48:00 PM, Scoob wrote:
>>Oh nevermind, this doesn't
>>have anything to do with the
>>topic. Resume the flamefest
>Man this is the final fuckin straw. Why
>is everyone so sensitive and accusatory
>of flames anymore?

Because they aren't applying their own methods
to themselves, they are taking everything way
too seriously, and they aren't having much fun
at the moment. Not a pretty sight, eh?
Makes me wanna go out and drop a chunk of
change...? Maybe not...

The worm's eye view from an rAFC who has been
lurking for 6 months or so:

All of these methods work in approproate contexts
with appropriate targets at appropriate times
when delivered by anyone who has appropriately
mastered the material.

C&F doesn't work with my current
LTR. She doesn't like it, it makes her uncomfortable,
and she doesn't even like being around people
that bust on each other. On another really
cool friend of mine, C&F is critical, and she
likes me because I am one of the few men secure
enough to field her shit and whip it back to her.
She negs the hell out of me, she is a 6 in
looks, I am at least 9 (see below), but she gets a 10
in the personality department and I would be
seen with her on my arm anywhere because of that.
Upshot: one size does not fit all.

SS doesn't work for shit if you
can't "break the ice" with an approach that works.
My hunch is that SS will be useful for me for both
amping an LTR and later, if I try to turn the
LTR into an FB. (The seduction being having
her think it is her idea and proposing it to me.)
But C&F is a good icebreaker.

I admire Mystery, but it's not me,
at least not yet. Pulling that off would require
really massive changes in my personality, which
I don't need because I can get laid enough without
it, and frankly, I don't go to clubs, concerts
or parties all that much, so don't have a venue
to motivate it. GWM: read about it, can only
recall that parts of it make sense and at some
point will incorporate what works for me.

This is "" to be sure,
but many of the techniques, the psychology,
the attitudes, etc. work for the "long game,"
that is seduction progressing over weeks or
months. The long game is my element,
Greene's "The Art of Seduction" (TAOS) has been
a revelation to me. pu artistry is very much
worth learning to add more/better prospects
to my long game. Running the long game also
removes outcome dependency from the short game,
so it's always a treat when I get lucky

DYD and MM seem oriented to HB9, HB10, while
SS seems to be more general.
Using C&F and negs on 8s and less makes ME look
like a prick, probably because I am about a HD9
myself (built a bit like Tom Cruise, although
I was ripped from framing houses back when he
was just some faggy punk. Probably get sued now.)
I look a bit more like Pierce Brosnan though.
In one book I read, the author (Leil Lowndes)
states that people most often end up with
partners within 2 points of each other. So
my experience is congruent with that, and
C&F should be adjusted to account for it.

The proponents of DYD and SS seem to
have an ongoing feud. While it is unseemly
of these gentlemen to publicly air their
differences, from what I can tell the
methods are similar in structure, but differ
in delivery. I get newsletters from both,
and have successfully used material from
both newsletters. Competition is good for
me the consumer, no matter how annoying it
may be to RJ or DDeA.

And for all the ranting in this thread
so far, there are really important
topics not covered in anyone's material.

Nobody here or anywhere seems to talk about game after
40. I have always had better luck with older
women; my sense of it is that if you fumble
the ball with an older women, she might very
well pick it up and give it right back to you.
With women in their 20s, a fumble is game over.
Plus, most women at 40 have been hit on
1000s of times... game has to be more nuanced
than with women in their 20s.

This is not totally true where I live now,
in the SF Bay area. A fumble is game over for
nearly all the women out here (so it's no
surprise that there is a boat load of single
women here over 40 pining away for prince charming.
I avoid these chicks).

Nobody here or anywhere else talks about location
dependency for pu. Some places (Austin) are easier than
others (Berkeley). This is simply fact.
Berkeley is the closest large city to me,
and it is essentially a dead zone for pu for me.
Just saying "hi" in the grocery store can get
you a hard, cold stare. It's the hardest place
in the world I have been to get ec, and I have
traveled extensively. This may be because I am
a white male with short hair, I dunno.
At any rate, I am taking it as a challenge:
vastly improving my game here with the
local neurotic chicks will make me unstoppable

Now, speaking again as a customer, RJ, lose the
ego. C&F works when applied appropriately to
appropriate targets. This is a fact even if
you don't like it or feel comfortable with that
approach yourself. I have watched guys in
action with this for 20+ years. But it's not
my deal (yet) either, and for reasons mentined above
I am almost ready to plop down $$$ for your
DVD SS stuff. Make me feel good about spending
all that cash, be in control of your own
emotions. I mean, how attractive is it, really,
to be hurling childish insults ("Blunderfat,"
rise above it, dude). Most women I regard
worth dating would NOT be impressed, and you
know it.

For the benefit of any other rAFC pondering the
claim that no one needs to spend any money
on this stuff when you can read it in the archives
or whatever, this is basically true but misses
the forest for the trees. My time is worth
ALOT of money, and paying RJ, DDeA or whoever
a few hours worth of my time for their several years
of distilled experience beats me going out and
and doing months of trial and error. Given
how much my game has improved from the newsletters
and couple of books I have (e.g., DYD), I am
comfortable budgeting maybe a kilobuck/year to
improve my game. Frankly, it will be a better
investment than the kilobuck I spent wining and
dining women the year after I divorced, none
of which resulted in anything other than ljbf with,
frankly, ug's.

Good game folks.

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