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The Real Reason Why Girl Flake

mASF post by tingly1

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The Real Reason Why Girl Flake
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mASF post by "tingly1"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2005

On 1/7/05 4:00:00 PM, J Money wrote:
>This may have just been my own
>issue but when I was first
>getting flaked on it was
>becuase I thought I was doing
>something wrong or I wasn't
>good at talking on the phone
>or I just wan't attractive
>enough for the girl.
>After talking to some
>attractive female friends
>about it and obsessing about
>for about a year, I realized
>all of former speculations are
>in accurate. I have to give
>credit to Tyler Durden for
>opening my eyes up to a new
>I don't know how much this
>applies to a guy that looks
>like a freak or is so
>unconfident that the girl gave
>him her number to get rid of
>him. I'm talking about when
>you call up a girl and she
>remembers who you are and
>seems fairly interested in
>talking to you but she flakes
>when it comes to actually
>getting together with her.
>As far as I'm concerened there
>are 4 main reasons why girls
>do this.
>1) The one that really blew my
>mind and I only would accept
>becuase I kept getting better
>on the phone to the point of
>being too good and the girl
>thought I must have 5 girls
>sexing me at all times. That
>is, even the most attractive
>girls still flake becuase they
>are NERVOUS they won't be
>exactly what the guy is
>looking for and end up getting
>rejected! The other part of
>this is that they are worried
>that after a guy has sex with
>them they won't want to date
>them. Solution? Subtly
>letting the girl know that she
>qualifies for what you are
>interested in and making her
>feel comfortable becuase she
>kind of knows you and you have
>things in common. The quick
>phone call that David DeAngelo
>talks about where you show her
>how busy you are never worked
>for me!

TINGLY SAYS: Don't let any so called "guru" fool you into thinking like this.
Man, women *don't* 'flake' when they REALLY think a guy has UBER-HIGH
value...they get DESPERATE. The more aloof, relaxed and indifferent he seems
(in relation to his value) the harder they try to fuck him. I KNOW women who've
broken in to men's houses, snaked their way to a men's offices and dorms
etc...and when he got there, they're waiting butt-naked ready to be fucked. I
KNOW women, everyday women, that wanted a man so bad, they were naked AND put
money on the bed for HIM to fuck HER. I've seen women break down in tears
because this uber-high value guy WOULDN'T fuck them.

If that bull that the gurus are teaching was true, celeb men would NEVER get
laid by groupies...because ALL of the women would not feel worthy enough of Tom
level dick.

>2) A lot of girls are SLUTS!
>In other words, PARTY GIRLS.
>They live in the moment and
>don't have a lot of control
>over themselves. They don't
>want to get to know some guy
>over coffee and go watch a
>movie with him, they want to
>get drunk at a party and hook
>up with you or whatever guy
>she values when she feels like
>it. I don't even want those
>girls, they weed themselves
>out for me. Flaking can be

TINGLY SAYS: A WOMAN once told me, "All women are sluts. You just have to know
which button to push." These women don't flake, you just come at them wrong. I
KNOW because I've made this mistake A MILLION The philosophy
behind this is: "Don't treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady." It
doesn't work. Doesn't match up.

I've FUed tons of SLUT booty because I was trying to play the 'gentleman' role.
I've gone sexual too hard and soon with good girls and lost them too (One's
woman had an uncle...who was the CEO of Johnson & Johnson!! AAARRRGH!!...LOL).

Come at particular women the RIGHT way (appropriate for the type of women) and
you won't get flaked. Sluts want to fuck. So act like you want to fuck them.


>3) Other girls have fucked up
>situations going on. Some of
>them live in abusive homes
>still and weird shit comes up.
>If a girl doesn't have a lot
>of control of her life, don't
>get your hopes up. I also am
>greatful when these girls
>flake on me now becuase
>they're usually not what I'd
>be interested in.

TINGLY SAYS: True in some cases. But if a woman wants some dick, she's going to
make it a point to bring all the chaos to order long enough to get it. Even
THESE women are getting some dick from SOMEWHERE.


>4) She actually has a
>boyfriend but didn't tell you.
>This has happened to me a few
>times when I thought I was
>getting blown off but kept in
>contact with her long enough
>to find out that it wasn't
>that she wasn't into me it's
>that she had a boyfriend and
>wasn't going to just go cheat
>on him.

TINGLY SAYS: A boyfriend has NOTHING to do with a woman flaking on you. (It's
all about whether or not she's AVAILABLE to *YOU* for fucking.) She might flake
on YOU, but she'll be fucking some OTHER guy. If she really cared about her
boyfriend, she would have never given you the number in the first place. She's
cheating on him. Just not WITH YOU.


>Always remember that just
>becuase she's an attractive
>girl doesn't mean she has good
>social skills and she can
>still be nervous and insecure
>about being good enough for

TINGLY SAYS: Most beautiful women are conceited and feel like they are above
everyone else. Also, most women PERIOD feel it's a man's responsibility to
approach and carry the conversation. Like it's our role. So, this excuse
doesn't ride either.


Women "flake" on guys they're NOT *attracted* to. Period.

ex: Standing a man up on a date.

Women "test" guys they ARE *attracted* to. Period.

ex: Playing hard to get and making you chase.


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