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Love is a s***

mASF post by wicked

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Love is a s***
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mASF post by "wicked"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

definition-> love: feeling that I can have, and decide not to act on it. (donno
who said that but props for guy who came up with this. its $$$)

>Ok, i know that some guys here
>will start with oneitis
>bullshits and probably they
>are 1000 thousands times more
>reason than me...
yea, thats very serious case of oneitis.

>But i
>am always a fucking
> could i get
>caught by a girl with a BF?
no, your not looser, u're just human. and being a bit stupid for thinking
you're looser. go bang your head against the wall for that.. ts ts

>You know what is worst? I
>think she like me, dont have
>shure, but if she had not the
>bastard (bastard= BF) probably
>she would be mine.
ouch... you are mentaly masturbating here :))

>I read some Tyler Durden stuff
>about BF destroyer, but it was
>to late. Now i think that, due
>to my job, i will never see
>her again.
too late for what man?!? why would u even try again?! She had her chance.. now
there must be like thousands of girls waiting for u out there.. go get them!

> Thats so fucking
>horrible (dont worry, i am not
>crying when typing this, just
>wondering who the hell i am
>gonna punch)!!
next the bitch and go find better, hotter, more inteligent and interesting HB.
She's waiting for u, and u're CRYING here like a wuss.. (punch yourself couple
of times)

>Do ou guys, PUA, green PUAs,
>wussys, whatever, do you feel
>in love too? Or its just me,
>"The Looser" (think i should
>change my nick for being so
been there long time ago.. then decided not to do that anymore. YES, u can
decide that. just stick to definition above.

now, go get 30 different HBs and fclose them! that pretty much kills all the
needy love feelings.

It's an animal thing!

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