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Love is a s***

mASF post by OM

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Love is a s***
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mASF post by "OM"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, July 7, 2005

This post its not intended to ask something, its more a way for me to breath
in. Moderator, if you wanna delete it go on,but i really need to say this shit.

You know what guys? Be careful (newbies). When you think that things are going
well, you may find yourself in shit.

For the last months i was at a high energy. My spirit was at full speed.
Then...well, then i thought that i would never fall in love again, because
thats bullshit when your mind as the power of a rocket. Gradually, maybe due to
some fu***** problems in my life, i started to get weaker and weaker without
noticing that.

Mean while i met this girl (you guess....oneitis trap) and i really get caught
by her. F***. In the beggining it was everything ok "she has no BF i thought"
and after some weeks/months i found that she already has a BF. Its so horrible
when that happens.

Ok, i know that some guys here will start with oneitis bullshits and probably
they are 1000 thousands times more reason than me...Falling in love, in PUA
world, i dont know if its correct or not, but its good if that love its in both
directions. Yea, even with all PUA stuff i still think taht if you love the
correct girl thats ok. But i am always a fucking could i get
caught by a girl with a BF? You know what is worst? I think she like me, dont
have shure, but if she had not the bastard (bastard= BF) probably she would be

I read some Tyler Durden stuff about BF destroyer, but it was to late. Now i
think that, due to my job, i will never see her again. Thats so fucking
horrible (dont worry, i am not crying when typing this, just wondering who the
hell i am gonna punch)!!

Do ou guys, PUA, green PUAs, wussys, whatever, do you feel in love too? Or its
just me, "The Looser" (think i should change my nick for being so stupid)?

I am not asking for a way to forgte her...time will, as usual, but i was really
needing saying this shit.

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