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The MELTed Personality


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The MELTed Personality
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/4/05 7:23:00 AM, TheShangriLa wrote:
>This is something I've been
>thinking about for quite a
>while now. My ideas have
>formed from a variety of
>sources - from my own life and
>recent experience to mASF
>posts and things discussed at
>the recent LSS
>( summer
>I'm putting it "out there"
>because I think it's important
>to a great deal of guys on the
>list who may have similar
>experiences but can’t quite
>put their finger on it.
>Feedback and discussion
>MELT - Mentally Exhausting
>Logical Tasks
>Do you perform Mentally
>Exhausting Logical Tasks
>(MELTs) as part of your job?
>Does this type of work change
>your personality and
>I work in IT. I'm a developer.
>The work requires VERY high
>levels of concentration, the
>ability to think highly
>logically and attention to
>detail. Even one semi-colon
>out of place and nothing
>works. Being a bit of a
>perfectionist in this career
>helps. You have to keep
>weeding out the bugs until
>everything is PERFECT. There
>is no room for failure, as the
>software won't work or the
>bridge will collapse and
>people will die.
>This is quite a good checklist
>I found on the web for a
>person who pays "attention to
>Key Behaviors:
>- Keeps a project checklist,
>covering all the details that
>might be overlooked.
>- Checks, and rechecks work
>for mistakes before sending
>- Follows procedures exactly
>to make sure all parts of a
>job are completed.
>- Compares finished work to
>what is expected.
>- Performs routine or
>repetitious tasks with care
>and attention.
>- Reviews work carefully for
>completeness and accuracy.
>- Makes sure equipment is
>working before it is needed in
>a project.
>Ring any bells for anyone?
>Sometimes when I'm working
>really really hard (like I
>have been for the past couple
>of weeks), words can be very
>hard to say. Like I was in
>HUGE deep concentration the
>other day and someone asked me
>if I wanted a cup of tea and
>it took a great effort for me
>to blurt out the words "No,
>I'm fine thanks". And when I
>finish my days work, I am so
>mentally exhausted that I
>cannot make conversation and
>my creativity level is on the
>floor. Those sort of days make
>me "regress" to AFC mode,
>where I can only THINK about
>opening girls and not actually
>do it. It's days like that
>when I get into "interview"
>mode on a date and ask a
>stream of questions (which is
>of course the logical thing to
>do if you want information
>from someone, but as we all
>know is the unattractive thing
>to do and chicks hate it).
>You may well ask how does this
>relate to seduction and
>pickup? Well, anyone familiar
>with basic PU theory will know
>that engaging a woman's
>emotions is one of the most
>important things in seduction.
>As Tyler Durden has often
>commented, "logic is the
>attraction killer". Women will
>try to break their own state
>of attraction using "logic"
>(i.e. shit-tests), e.g. "Do
>you think I'm a slut and going
>to sleep with you on a first
>date?". And as anyone who's
>been in the situation will
>know, offering a logical
>answer to a shit-test usually
>makes women even more angry
>and less attracted to you.
>When you get logically
>argumentative (i.e. "How can
>you possibly conclude that I
>think you are a slut just
>because I wanted you to come
>back to my place for dinner?"
>etc), it's probably not gonna
>be long before she decides she
>will never ever sleep with
>That's why PUA's like Tyler
>Durden (see his take on
>shit-tests here
>1726052964) respond by
>ignoring/ridiculing/etc the
>shit-test and playing on her
>emotions instead, which serves
>to deepen the attraction
>rather than break it.
>So in PU logic and emotions
>don’t mesh too well. It’s kind
>of like this:
>IT geeks are (and have to be)
>highly logical.
>Chicks - hate logic.
>Therefore chicks hate IT geeks
>. (I bet you didn't realise
>there was a mathematical
>equation for it ;))
>(Note: I say IT geeks, it
>could just as well be
>engineers or any other
>technical/logical career).
>This leads to the question
>that has really been on my
>mind recently:
>Is it
>- the type of PERSON who is
>attracted to this type of high
>logic career that is naturally
>unattractive to women
>- the logical WORK ITSELF (and
>the mindset that comes along
>with doing that sort of work
>(see those Key Behaviors
>above)) that MAKES a normal
>guy into someone who is
>unattractive to women?
>So what I'm trying to figure
>out is by doing a job where
>you perform Mentally
>Exhausting Logical Tasks
>(MELTs) all day long, are you
>conditioning yourself to be
>less attractive to women? Less
>sociable? Are you conditioning
>yourself to be too "in your
>own head" and not out in the
>real world?
>Guys, I'd like to hear your
>The Shangri La

Hey Shangrila,

Well, actually i'm studying engineering myself so I kinda know what you are
talking about. Well, NO! you are not conditioning yourself to be less
attractive to women. Not @ all. The reason I am saying this is, what matters
most is your internal state. For example, when sarging when you happen to hear
one of your best songs in the bar, you automatically feel that your state is
more positive and the energy levels are high? dont you. Now you have got to
learn how to get to that state without actually having any song. you could just
SING that song or maybe picture an activity you enjoy most. get it?

Also if you look in the positive light, IT professionals and engineers make
good money, which is attractive to chicks. money is attractive.

Also , you could actually use this to your advantage when talking to women.
like dont tell a chick i study signal systems and processing and ADC
converters. but you could say, you know how you talk using cell phones, well, i
work in that field. you know, every thought could act like a signal. like if
you press a different button, you get a different action, same with the mind.
you have a different thought and it yields to different actions. just find a
corelation betweeen the two and the chick will actually think you are cool,
since you like your job.

best regards

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