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aphroinstantlay, new method. worth a try


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aphroinstantlay, new method. worth a try
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posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

OK...i'm ready to get flamed but wth. I am with experience putting down my
extensive method of an instant lay. I just rediscovered it when i was talking
to GUNWITCH on chat today. I did that when i was 19 but hell, i got laid by a
chick who became one of my MLTR'S and that chick was sooo sucked into my

basically , get into some fluff talk, and then start this and after every 5
sentences, affirm it to them that you are a BAD GUY.

hb: so what do you study

me: i study how to insult chicks( ofcourse c and f) . then dead serious, know
why: coz i'm a really bad guy.

DUDE, she will start believeing you are a bad guy. obvioulsly, dress LIKE TYLER
from fight club or something. just remember every 5 sentences you've got
to mention story wise or however, that I AM A BAD GUY.

Now if you think i'm full of bs, fine. go out. try this out( you dont have a
reason to be hesitant when kissing, coz you've so fed it in her, that you are a
BAD GUY).out of the 10 sets you open, just try it on ONE. and let's see the
feedback. IT is unexpected by the chick , it may come insecure( let it come
insecure, just try it) somehow the chick is getting programmed to get attracted
to you.

Just 2 things guys

1. tell her stories

2. after 5 sentences tell her how 'BAD YOU ARE' VIA THE STORY. make up shit i
dont care. just bad bad bad....

best regards...


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