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Field Report:Shakespeare never did this at friday night:))

mASF post by crnaosa

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Field Report:Shakespeare never did this at friday night:))
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mASF post by "crnaosa"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

On 6/19/05 3:09:00 PM, putnik wrote:
>On 6/19/05 2:17:00 PM, crnaosa wrote:
>>I still think that 25 points
>>are good and useful. You
>>shouldn't overwhelm yourself
>>with it, of course. But, it's
>>good if you can introspect
>>yourself without overwhelming,
>>just be aware of yourself and
>>what you're presenting, that's
>>the whole idea.
>No. you should read some of the BadBoy's
>posts...What were you saying is that you
>should be "aware of yourself"...That's
>fucking bad...really bad...cause that
>awareness can mess up your state big
>time. In a matter of second you'll think
>how other percieve you and therefore
>become very uncomfortable. Fuck that.
>fuck what everyone thinks. You are the
>master of your reality. you are THE MAN.
>and only when you realize that, you will
>become ALPHA you want to be. Awareness
>is bad. It's the source of all anxiety.
>What everyone should do is just to read
>25 points and then forget about it. It
>will internalise.
>>What the hell?It seems like
>>you don't believe me when I
>>said that you were cool...well
>>yes, you were cool, not in the
>>mood really, but cool...ok?!
>Ok. ok..I belive you;)))
>>>To me you looked a little bit like a
>>>trying too hard. You were focusing on
>>>all this little things and your face was
>>What little things?You know
>>this just because I mentioned
>>that 25 points article is
>>good?Fuck man...
>>>a little bit stiff. You weren't relaxed.
>>>That seriousnes is ok somewhen when
>>>you're chatting a girl but you must be
>>>yourself. You looked like a fake alpha.
>>>Correct that. Just relax. And
>>>acknowledge that you're cool guy. You
>>>don't have to do all that excersises.
>>What exercise?I don't remember
>>that I mention any
>Well no...It wasn't because you told me
>about 25 points...I saw it on your
>face... I smelled it like chicks would.
>Like I said you were stiff, trying hard
>to walk right, talk right and all that
>shit. It can be seen on you. Belive me I
>know cause was trying 25 points earlier.
>They were good for some short time...But
>then I dropped all that shit...and when
>I notice that my state is a little bit
>off and my BL isn't that good I just
>rise my head up and try to walk
>confidently. That gives me some
>confidence. But the goal is to be
>confident without thinking about it. It
>should be naturall to you.
>btw. when I said exercises I mean 25
>points...cause that's what they are.
>>>Cause you really _are the man_. You just
>>>need to be aware of that. And forget
>>>about 25 points. They are ok in begining
>>>but if you want to become real ALPHA, do
>>>you think that those guys think how
>>>their body will look like or they are
>>>just comfortable in every situation?
>>Do you think that Tyler Durden
>>is ALPHA?25 points is his
>>article, which is perceived as
>>outstanding one from other
>>ALPHAs and therefore is on
>I don't think that TD is ALPHA. but I
>can't say that cause I never saw him.
>From his posts I can only conclude that
>he is not ALPHA but just the ASF-er how
>got pretty far in his game.
>>I left it out, because I don't
>>have unlimited time to write
>>every fuckin thing that
>>happens to me...
>I didn't think that you deliberately put
>that things out of the post. I just
>pointed to them.
>>and yes, I
>>didn't succeeded with
>>her...but you know, if you
>>perceive things in a frame
>>"girl blew you" or something,
>>when you don't succeed to get
>>in touch with her that can
>>cause you problems with your
>you're probably correct on this one...
>>Ok, I spotted this hb9, that
>>you are talking about, when
>>she was 5m in front of me and
>>we were walking opposite
>> need FAST
>>approach here!
>Yes. Fast but not hasty. I will repeat
>(stalozenost je prava rec, izgledalo je
>kao da si bio nestrpljiv. Ali to sam i
>ja uradio par puta te veceri, btw.
>svratio sam sa ekipom do splavova, ali
>nismo ulazili, tj. bili smo malo na
>egzilu, ali smo se brzo vratili do
>grada. Elem kada smo bili kod splavova,
>tamo na setalistu sam pravio apsolutno
>iste greske kao i ti u knezu...i to je
>sranje...zato ti i pisem ovo, zato sto
>ti to glupiranje nece doneti nikakve
>stete, mozda ces se osecati dobro par
>trenutaka...adrenalin i ostalo...ali
>sigurno ti nece doneti nikakve opipljive
>You will not learn anything from that.
>You won't be able to advance, therefore
>you (and I too) must stop doing that
>>I don't want to push myself, I
>>want to enjoy the set and if I
>>don't feel the vibe, I'll
>That way you'll learn your stuff very
>slow. You can't just jump from set to
>set. You must try to work your way in
>every set.
>>I don't have time for
>>every fuckin set, just because
>>I want to fuck!!
>Can't you see that this is such a needy
>>That line isn't dumb, it
>>depends on the way of how you
>>say it, actually
>Well...I would never use it...It sounds
>like it hooped out from some 80-ies
>teenage movie. It's so corny..;))) LOL
>Do you think that James Bond would say
>"Hey you know some good party tonight in
>the city"...And anyway what were you
>trying to get with that line?
>>As a matter of a fact, you
>>don' know very little
>>about me and what I was doing
>>with you, at friday night was
>>a bit new for me, cause I want
>>to try new know
>>nothing about my PU history,
>>because I recently began to
>>post here...and I don't have
>>any intention to qualify
>>myself here
>Okay maybe. I didn't red any of your
>posts here. I just made an presumption.
>And yes you said that night that are not
>like that all the time. But what were
>you trying that night? What new things?
>You were just opening random sets as
>fast as you could. and you admitted that
>fact here. If you have focused on
>something, then you might have learnt
>something. Otherwise I don't know what
>did you learn that night.
>>>All I saw from you was that you were
>>>conveying that fake player image to
>>OOh really...isn't that just
>>sweet?:)As a matter of a fact,
>>I was actually doing
>>something...or at least try to
>>do something...
>I didn't say that you didn't. Congrats
>for that. That's the thing I like about
>you...You were so energetic. If you
>could only direct that energy better.
>This way you were just dissipating that
>energy, which I didn't have that night.
>>Why should I love them
>>instantly?!Hey man, WTF?
>Well you don't have to love them. You
>just need to have that feeling. As a
>matter of fact. That's what I need to
>feel. If different thigns works for you
>than use them. But you didn't #closed
>any set that night.
>>>Especiall that 3set
>>>to which you introduced me. They were
>>>young and dumb, but they felt that you
>>>were just playing with them.
>>So what?Is that forbidden
>>here?to just play with the
>>girls...or you thought that I
>>want to fuck every fuckin one
>>of them...ok, almost every one
>>that I approach:))but man,
>>have fun!!!
>Okay. I understand the concept of FUN. I
>do it very often. And especially when I
>fuck up the sets, then I write some shit
>how I only wanted to have fun...And that
>is 100% true. But that won't give me, or
>you, results. Okay you had large amount
>of fun that evening. Why didn't you #
>closed any of the sets? you see what I'm
>talking about. You MUST PUSH yourself
>harder. It's like when you see that
>things are slipping you than eject. Well
>change that. Stay in set as long as you
>can, and escalate when you FEEL is
>right. Don't run from set to set, cause
>chicks will feel what are you doing.
>That's what I meant when I said that you
>were "playing with them". They felt your
>player attitude. Which btw. IMHO is not
>REAL PLAYER attitude.
>_Real player sees one and closes one._
>>Thanks for being
>>sincere...cheers man!
>I'm just giving you my opinion. It
>doesn't mean that I'm putting you down
>or that I'm seeking validation, as you
>said, from this forum. You can take it
>or throw it.
>After all, like you said, I don't know
>shit about you. So I'm just guessing
>here. But I'm sure that If you notice
>one correct comment that you'll admit it
>to yourself.
>"There are no rejections - just shit

Ok man, I heard you...
I clearly said what I have to say in the recent post. Obviously we cannot agree
about some things, like for example, who is ALPHA and who isn't. Also, I am not
here to GUESS things, I'm here to learn things and to say what I know and what
I think with some reason behind.
The fact is that I CAN run my game with or without you.
The question is can you run yours when I'm with you?
IF so, then do it next time.Show me your game, let me learn on your example the
things you tried to explain here with such an energy here. If you are going
just to criticize me here...that's your right too:)My game was far from perfect
that night and I realize that very fuckin good!Only thing that is absolutely
essential for me to agree with you is "How to be good wing" TD's stuff.What you
are going to do with your game is absolutely yours and no one elses business.


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