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Positive visualization for inviting AI‘s and relax

mASF post by Prime Alpha

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Positive visualization for inviting AI‘s and relax
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mASF post by "Prime Alpha"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, June 6, 2005

In recent posts I've attacked the misunderstood asshole-roxxtar mode of

Basically, it seems to be a placebo effect of something one believes is
working, when in fact there are better ways of achieving the same results,
mainly relaxation.

The very real problem with these negative visualizations is that people sooner
or later start acting in accordance with these.

Furthermore, many users of these "inner-game" techniques fail to realize that
these are a means to an end, which is relaxation and negation of negative
anxiety signs (which turn girls off). They think they actually have to BE those
things, which is very bad.

Imagining one as an asshole is negative and useless, and provides for no
understanding of game.

I have provided two positive examples of good visualizations to use. Figures
that are good to emulate and "feel like" in order to learn how to carry oneself
- which is your goal; you're supposed to develop your own aura, your own
comfort, your own persona; Be relaxed because it's all good, and enjoy chatting
girls up. Visualizations are just a means to an end.

The "James Bond" visualization - subtle yet assertive, mysterious, radiates
"more than meets the eye". Pierce Brosnan does a good job acting the body
language of a classic James-Bond-man. Think of a man who is sure of himself,
quietly examining the area around him. Slow and subtle yet powerful body
language. Is subtle and mysterious regarding pursuing a target.

The "FightClub's Tyler Durden" visualization - much more forward. Naughty in
the fun sense (dont go blowing up buildings). Knows what he wants and goes for
it. Center-of-the-party. Think of a very forward man with forward body
language, who is very active about his desire to meet some target, and is very
forward about it.

These are good, positive visualizations, that will teach you to carry yourself
in an impressive manner, unlike negative visualizations, which have a weak
pseudo-effect compared to these ones, if at all.

People who have other ideas for good visualizations to use, feel free to share.

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