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mASF post by Epsilon

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pAI mAI - My thoughts for discussion..
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mASF post by "Epsilon"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, June 6, 2005

>That's the LAST TIME I respond to a troll. It has to be, >because my energy is
better spent elsewhere. The
>more you keep on flaming me, the more you show yourself
>to be a jealous hating troll. it's really funny how you
>devalue yourself like that in public.

Keep on flaming you? Jealous hating troll? What are you talking about? This
is the first time I've ever responded to one of your posts. The purpose of my
post was to point out that a lot of the negative responses you've been getting
are more down to your posting style, not because of your perceived level of
success. Since you obviously react very badly to any criticism (you're really
not fooling anyone with your 'I don't care what anyone thinks' rhetoric), I
thought I would correct your misperception that everyone is intensely jealous
of you. I certainly don't want to be like you.

>That's a couple of quotes for YOU since you CAN'T READ TO >SAVE YOUR LIFE. The
latter is a good response considering >that was one of my first FR/LRs that I
have written don't >you think?

Not sure how how the quotes you gave prove that I can't read. All this proves
is that your reasoning abilities aren't too sharp. I said that you'd had lot
of negative responses - can you see why posting a couple of positive ones
doesn't actually contradict my argument?

Well, you seem determined to act like a retarded child, so I won't bother
trying to be polite this time.

>Actually, who the fuck cares what you think.

Not you obviously! I mean, you've posted about a page of over-emotional,
poorly reasoned gibberish in response, that's always a clear sign that someone
is completely unaffected...

>I'm sure you're not perfect and there are elements of >your game you could
work on so instead of bashing >posters, read through and gather a new

Of course! I'm working on many aspects of my game, and visit mASF to try and
gain perspective on my experiences in the field. Hence my desire to keep the
board as bullshit-free as possible.

>Then again, success breeds trolls. It's been said that TD >has scores of
haters and trolls and you can see the >bashing he gets with his posts. You're
just a yawn in my >otherwise very fulfilling life. The reason people don't
>speak up against flamers is because they are all too busy >telling me to
ignore trolls and flamers. You get >pointless rants on every forum, why should
this be any >different?

A lot of TD's flames stem from the times when he has posted with a clear
political agenda, whether it be to discredit a competitor, make himself look
good or whatever. When he posts simply good quality content he tends to get
much less of this. Why do you think his sig now has that thing about '100%
Content 0 % Bullshit'?

That's why I cited some other PUAs in my post, ones who come across less as
having an agenda. These are also successful guys, yet they don't get flamed
much, because they don't come across as insecure and having to talk themselves
up on the board all the time. This was the exact point I tried to make in my
original post, but you managed to miss it, and instead launched into your rant
about how everyone is SOOOO jealous of you.

This from someone who presumes to give me reading lessons...

>This is the LAST TIME I will respond to a flamer.

Yes, I think you already mentioned that.

>Who said PUA's should be politically correct? If anything >that's NOT what a
PUA should be. You can't be an >excellent PUA and be politically correct in my
opinion, >just like you can't please everyone in the world at the >same TIME.
One good thing about us PUAs is that we allow >each other to develop and be
ourselves. We brag about our >conquests and we all have different

No one's saying be politically correct. I'm just saying you come off as being
insecure and needy, and desperate to impress, and if you fixed that, you'd find
that people on the board would be less hostile towards you.

>You are getting way too intense over it, I suggest you >lie down and relax. We
can't all be PUAs! Don't be so >hard on yourself.

I can tell from your frequent page-long hissy fits that you are just the man to
be giving advice on relaxation.

>What's with the Tyler Durden at the end of your post? Are >you Tyler Durden or
Epsilon? Seems a strange way to sign >off your post. Maybe you should take a
look at some other >posts and learn something yourself.

No one else has ever been confused by this before. You are the first. It's a
quote by Tyler Durden which I felt was very relevant, given the over emphasis
many people place on inner game» on this board. I am Epsilon, quoting Tyler
. Does that make things clearer?

>You'll get to know me more in time. Sometimes I'll be >this way sometimes I'll
be that way.

Whatever. I don't find you remotely interesting, certainly not enough to want
to find out more about you. I've given my advice, which I believe will reduce
the number of people who flame you. The best thing now is for us to go our
separate ways.

>I really don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Like I said earlier, you're not fooling anyone.

>That's the last time I respond to a troll. It has to be, >because my energy is
better spent elsewhere.

That's the 3rd time you've said that now, in just this single post, and I'm
wondering if it isn't some kind of affirmation. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem
to have worked, because you've gone and spat out another page long rant after
this one. And made yourself look even sillier into the bargain.

Before I go, I should warn you, that quote is coming up again. I thought I'd
give you advance notice this time, in case you got confused again. Here it

But then, who ever said that girls are attracted to guys that have a good inner
game. An inner game», after all, is not the same thing as a strong frame. The
world can be a fucked up place, and what you project is often what you get


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