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I really want to be a PUA! Need advice! HELP!

mASF post by 2Conquer

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I really want to be a PUA! Need advice! HELP!
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mASF post by "2Conquer"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/3/05 10:14:00 PM, numbaunstunna wrote:
>Dude, forget this bullshit.
>Don't even spend a dime on any
>PUA material. Go in the field
>and practice. Learn how to
>display BL, tonality and
>dominance. Sarge every HB you
>see. Learn from your
>mistakes. I don't know who
>said this but "The first
>thousand approaches don't
>count". I was like you man.
>Work on your style. Are you a
>cocky kinda guy or quiet.
>Work with what you got. Don't
>let people ridicule you. Just
>go in the field man. Be the
>MAN. I know its hard but
>thats how you're gonna learn
>how to get good at this stuff.
>Also read up Tyler Durden man.
>Good luck and post an LR soon!


This is the killer advice here.

Everyone's had social interactions, even a socially inept loser.

Dude I'm sure you've made relatives laugh, the way you chat with them, chat
with others.

Bro go out have fun with guys and girls, meet people.

And as this bloke said, you're only going to learn through practice. Put your
balls on the line, the only way you'll ever use them.

They all want it, they cravvvve it!!!!!!

Give them the big one, they'll love it!

At that point realise that you ARE GOD!!!!

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