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Re: tyler durden quotes

mASF post by Alessandro

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Re: tyler durden quotes
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mASF post by "Alessandro"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

J-Ho wrote:

> Taking this kind of thing into account is easier said than done. When all
> kind of thinking is at the front of my mind I can get a load done in a couple
> of days, but then I go back. But frankly, anyone who truly utterly accepted
> that they are powerless in their inevitable march towards death would go
> insane.

Tyler Durden (the movie character) is the creation of a WACKO. If you
want to become the anarchist iconoclastic alter-ego of some fucked up
dude .. by all means do so, but only behind bars, hopefully at Guantenamo.

Sheesh. What's next? The Timothy McVeigh method? How to act like a
square-jawed midwestern high school drop out, work as a painter part
time and save up money for dynamite and a U-HAUL van.

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