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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?

mASF post by Gunwitch

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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?
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mASF post by "Gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/26/05 7:33:00 PM, Starlight wrote:
>HI Gun,
>I really think that i know why
>i fuck up when i meet a 10.
>It's because i believe that
>they different from other
>women.. they have so many
>Are u saying that game works
>on any woman no matter how
>beautiful she is?
>Would u approach and treat 8s
>and 10s differently?

Every mans 10 is HIS OWN 10, maybe my 7, maybe my 10 is his 7, his 9 is my 10.
Always personal taste.

That said yes a "social 10" aka chick with perfect fake tits, taller than
average, usually blonde, wearing something intimidatingly slutty, think, pam
anderson, jenna jameson etc but taller.

Main key difference is to not be an AFC: compliment her on her looks, or a
weak gamed PUA: Try to act disinterested.

The key with women like this is to caveman them if alone, and to go pretty
hard sexual vibe GWM on em if with friends.

No one ever does this with em, cause they are scared. I seriously doubt most
of the guys who advocate "10 game" here even have tried it.

These 2 things work because:

#1 The prettiest women have VERY weak frames, because no one ever tries to
dominate them. Not "weak" but easily broken frames that are then weak. Drunk
horny guys at bars try to caveman 8s, not 10s, 10s don't get treated like this
and it blows em away.

Their frame breaks, and instantly goes to matching yours to try to "be like
you" and hence goes sexual in nature as she matches it.

#2 It IS a social value to her right off the bat that you feel she is in your
league that fast, as no other men ever do.

So you have dominance, of a social and sexual nature, works great.

When it is YOUR 10 however, maybe 5'4'' looks like britney spears, club clone
with a tan and hip hairstyle and too much makeup? Maybe a 5 foot brunette with
GIANT fake tits?

It doesn't matter, do a standard pick up be neutral verbally(always be neutral
verbally with any chick) and assume a rapport control the frame THEN go sexual.

But with the "stand out super everyones 10 socially" look, try cavemanning if
they are alone, and being very sexual projection wise if they are with friends.
ALSO forget the "befriend the friends" business.

When they talk and say bullshit or anything not positive, don't even look at

You got a limited timeframe in a club/group setting, don't waste 75% of it
getting in to the set in the first place.

Just you and the chick and the sexual vibe. The other chicks don't like this
sexual vibe remember:

Rockstars don't take shit off chicks friends, neither do you. Completely act
like you don't hear her and talk over her. It's a tricky one to pull off and
not seem rude, but it intrigues her, cause no man has ever even KINOed her most
times, never given strong ec til she looked away first, invaded her personal

Hell most won't approach a woman like this, but if they do RARELY do they get
passed her annoying friends, unless they all go AWWWWWWWWW THATS SWEET after he
pays her some compliment, and then they all look back at each other and ignore

He then goes back and high fives all his buddies thinking he is cool.

Later he realizes just how uncool, when I pounce on her as she is away from
her group and KINO the fuck out of her and make out with her on the dance floor
in front of everyone to get attention/AIs from MY 10s.

Get laid not just liked!
"make the ho say no"

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