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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?

mASF post by stereomike

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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?
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mASF post by "stereomike"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

This question isn't completely ridiculous, where I'm from the pro athletes are
well recognized and go out to clubs and try to pickup chicks. So normal guys
do compete with pro athletes. For example my ex told me, and I believe her,
that a pro athlete tried picking her up and she shot him down. She was so
whipped over me that the only way a guy could pick her up is if he had tight
indirect game. She told me about his game and it was totally pathetic, very
direct and not even smooth. Even though this guy is quite attractive and a
millionaire he had no chance.

This is an extreme example since I don't even consider myself a PUA (but my
relationship game is tight), so I think when it comes to keeping hot chicks in
their place once you get them a PUA will always have the advantage, initially
attracting the chick will depend on the type of chick, certain chicks will
always go for the money and status, and other chicks don't care about that, so
then it comes down to game.

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