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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?

mASF post by Gunwitch

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TylerDurden/Mystery vs. Pro Athlete?
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mASF post by "Gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/25/05 8:17:00 PM, MattDamon wrote:
>So this game is all about


You will get no good answer to such a poor question.

A Mystery may be taller (than some), or better looking, and surely speak more
coherent and seductive sounding than any given nfl football player.

A TD has better social skills than a Dennis Rodman, or many other such space
cadets in pro ball of any sort, hell most normal weird fuckin people I meet
aren't as bad off in the "beam me up scotty" department.

I mean a lot of these "high status athletes" act like 15 year old boys, always
looking at the ground, move like some sort gangly freak, talk super quiet. They
may as well drag their knuckles to go with it.

Women want dick from guys of all different type of criteria, goldiggers and
goldiggers alone care ONLY for status.

The rest of women OBVIOUSLY get laid other than these guys, rock stars, actors
etc etc.

I don't give a shit how fuckin hot she is physically (well actually I do it's
all I give a fuck about, hence why)it is all what's in her head wether one of
these guys has a MASSIVE advantage over a good PUA. All in her head if one of
these guys has a massive advantage over a guy who is super good looking to her
(her type), understands her emotionally, would make a good father, it always
varies depending on whats in the chicks head.

Yeah maybe if the soul was sucked out of her vagina by bad dna before she ever
sprung out of her own mamas. Yeah maybe if she was raised by some angry black
SINGLE mother who told her men are evil and horrible. Then she is gonna look at
it all from a "no love, no sex, all about money and status" angle.

Otherwise women ain't that different from us, they wanna have great sex, and
wanna feel love, and it's nice when the 2 come together at once.

If you think women only want the .000001% elite status of men or that maybe
just MAYBE you can get a hot chick if you are in the top .000002%, otherwise
they are wretched and evil with the goal of making you watch them fuck NBA ball
players and buy them gifts on the side?

Then you don't realize they aren't so different. Probably because you aren't
around enough women, haven't had a deep LTR in too long, or just plain ain't
been laid enough.

As Jim Morrison said in "when you're strange":

"women seem wicked when you're unwanted"

To answer your question outright however, if the only game a PUA is running is
status game vs a pro athlete or celeb?

Yes he will lose out of course, or if he does get a woman in that sort of
environment he could have had his pick of hotter easier outside of it with
different game.

Are you preparing to fight bruce lee and hulk hogan in the same body? Or are
you looking to be able to stop getting beat up out at the bar by drunk frat

Forget the fantasy, live in reality and you'll be much more successful.

Thinking about outpulling pro athletes is so in the realm of "not the real
world" ya may as well buy a klingon suit and go with it. Rather than a Star
Trek geek living in his own head, one is a PUA geek living in their own head at
that point, only they don't get to wear a costume.

Get laid not just liked!
"make the ho say no"

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