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TD talk

mASF post by incognito

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TD talk
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mASF post by "incognito"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

I have read the whole TylerDurden archive and on a regular basis too. It is
like my favourite novel and a great way to kill time when I am sitting on a
train or waiting for someone with my Palm Treo 650, which is the coolest gadget
I have ever bought. AU$1000 mobile phone with camera, video camera, calendar,
Internet, email. You can download Word and Excel for it. It runs the full Palm
OS so you can run any application made for Palm.

Back on track. When TD talks, which is how I will describe his posting style,
he uses a lot if illusory feedback and makes it like a two way discussion
without anyone else need to say anything. JUST LIKE A GOOD LONG OPINION OPENER.

I have been meaning to post about this and I don't know why anybody hasn't
called this out, TD especially. I guess it is because he isn't even aware of it
because it is something he does all the time so it is unnoticeable.

I look at how I can read his posts for at least an hour without getting bored
(and I have a very short attention span, I always need high stimulation) then
his style is very captivating.

Look at this post from Off-Topic:
>Cool advice man. There is a lot of
>conflicting info out there, and it is
>pretty boggling. I remember skimming
>that Body for Life book by Bill
>Phillips, and he was saying to just do
>20 minutes of cardio per day, with these
>intensity spikes throughout the session.
>But then what you're saying here also
>sounds as though it is researched and
>makes sense. So it is tricky to figure
>this stuff out.

This is brilliant. On a purely factual basis what are you getting out of it?
Some dude reckons a way to lose weight is to work up a sweat for 20 minutes?
Anyone on the bus could tell you that. But look at how this is interesting
conversation and even has a few indicators that this is a topic that although
he has no firm opinion on, is aware of. Far better than arguing an authorative
point of view: "No do supersets, they're all you need anyway, anymore and
you're not doing heavy enough weights" which is a fucked up way to spend a

Note that TDs style is way more interesting than hows the weather as it has
firm facts in there that regardless of how useful they are they are still brain
food, as our minds are still processing the information and analysing it, which
makes conversation good.

Skimming a book? Who the fuck does that? The only weight training book I got I
borrowed off the biggest guy at the gym although Mum has to read it to me. How
did this one topic come up in conversation that this (obviously not a personal
trainer) dude I just met in a bar knows is aware about and has already weighed
it up in his mind.

Then there is the fact that he has just talked and given you what he knows for
free while in a very passive you can have your ball back AND make more hoops
than me kind of way without getting into a style war.

This style of interacting AT THE LEAST gets you some talk time without having
to be an expert in a topic and will get other people trying to get rapport with
you which can be tactically advantageous.

Do I need to mention the borrowing the microphone and not handing it back
potential of this? Or the fact that it allows you to demonstrate your
confidence by segwaying into an existing conversation with total strangers and
hold their attention without wavering or requiring feedback?

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