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mASF post by incognito

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mASF post by "incognito"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

Dude, what are you doing reading ASF?

Anyway as unnatural as typing is I like your reply.

On 7/23/05 5:31:00 PM, ijjjji wrote:
>TylerDurden, have you given
>thought to _why_ girls get
>bored when you run eg C&F too
>long? Before I thought its
>because it 'gets old'. This is
>not the case. What happens is
>that girls get attracted and
>start dropping hints that the
>guy should escalate. When the
>guy is too caught up in the
>C&F or thinking about PU
>theory, theres a good chance
>he wont notice the hints. This
>breaks the feeling of
>connection for the girl and
>the whole chemistry dies

I have been in this situation a lot too, especially when I try to derail sexual
talk because I think its a shit test, ie. when it comes early on and I am not
confident about the IOIs. Mostly happens with girls who are maybe TOO easy and
who don't need you to do too much work for sex. This is a way girls screen guys
to see if they're players, normally happens when the girls are very open to
just getting laid, seems to mostly happen to me when my game is not on but I
have at least approached or are engaging them in some way. If you cut off the
thread too many times they just totally lose interest, although having said
that in those situations it may have been because I didn't replace it with
something just as good. Probably escalating is the best bet at those junctions,
which is what I often do. Normally it has been environmental blowout potential
which has stopped me from pushing this in certain contexts, ie. social circle.
And the fucked up thing is that if you are screened in this way you are fucked,
you looked like a man but you failed the test.

I'm glad you highlighted this its making me think hard.

>The solution is to vibe with
>her at all times. I think
>there are posts about vibe in
>my archive that explains if
>anyone are unsure about vibing

This is not an answer. I think the thing is to be aware and learn to jump out
of C&F, which I think often becomes just another way of constantly being the
one doing all the talking, creating a pattern that she becomes aware of as TD
says. While I am running overproof C&F I don't get hints to escalate, I will
only get the feeling that they would be open to it. I only find I get hints to
escalate when we are in more neutral rapport although this is often AFTER some
kind of C&F or neg. I assume by dropping hints to escalate you are referring
specifically to verbal hints, this is an SOI and if you don't sign up for the
membership card right away you have to wait until next year.

Blaming being too caught up in C&F for the the chemistry dying is THINKING TOO

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