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Wing sabotaging my game

mASF post by live wire

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Wing sabotaging my game
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mASF post by "live wire"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/25/05 3:16:00 AM, TylerDurden wrote:
>Remember always that people
>will rarely change, and even
>if you get them to the changes
>are usually only temporary.

Tyler, I think that people can, and do change, given they replace old habits
with new habits by repeating the new habits. E.g. an afc will just stare at 9's
and 10's, but after developing confidence, they will AT LEAST vibe with and
enjoy talking to these elite girls which they USED TO think were

It is much easier to change your own behaviour than someone elses though, and
this may be what you are talking about. Even if you cant change their
behaviour, you can at least point them in the right direction, i.e. in this
case to agree upon some solid winging rules.

In this game, some guys choose to warm the benches. Well, I for one, am a
player that takes something away from every game... number, lay, or slap in the

live wire

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