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mASF post by Jestor

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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/23/05 3:39:00 AM, TylerDurden wrote:

>I spent months and months SYSTEMATICALLY
>testing the range at which it was the
>best time to escalate a pickup. My
>sensory accuity is quite sharp because
>of that. I hang with hypnotists and
>psychologists, I can often read their
>clients better than they can, because I
>have spent more consecutive hours
>reading subtle shifts in emotions than
>they have. I know exactly what a girl
>is thinking, and I usually know what
>she'll say before she says it. I know
>exactly how she'll react to everything
>that I do. This dulls when I don't go
>out - actually, I still know but don't
>microcalibrate in real time as I do when
>I go out regularly. I wasn't born with
>this. In fact, I am naturally slower at
>it than average. I worked for it. do this a lot. You exalt yourself and then you humble yourself.

I do agree with your post however.

>This was not something learned in a
>jumble, but something that I acquired by
>doing thousands of approaches
>systematically by focusing on ONE
>PARTICULAR ASPECT of what I was doing.

I'm curious. How did you decide which aspects to focus on? Conceivably
there's many different aspects one could experiment with ranging. But to
systematically go through all of them one by one would take forever. So there
must be certain key aspects to try out which can give someone the MOST

For me, my ranging consisted of pushing hard on dates versus not pushing hard.
Making the ho say no versus being more of a gentleman.

I found that pushing hard with the right attitude was the way to go with girls,
very useful even for those girls that you don't lay the first time around.
This went much further towards preventing flaking than the more gentleman "I'll
get her next time" approach.

"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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