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Has streetgame been forgotten?

mASF post by Jimbo

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Has streetgame been forgotten?
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mASF post by "Jimbo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/22/05 4:17:00 AM, TylerDurden wrote:
>I do find it funny though that
>nobody has posted about this,
>because it really reflects how
>many people around here
>actually go out and understand
>the realities of it. It's
>like the GWM fanatics who say
>that there are no cockblocks
>at a magazine rack, when in
>fact I've had just as many
>boyfriends come around the
>corner like "Honey, who is
>your new friend?" as I have
>had in clubs. For you guys
>who don't go out, its pretty
>fun, and you ought to try it.

This is so true...

There is as much cockblocking in daytime PUing as in clubs, or maybe even
more!. This is specially true in Spain, where almost all HBs go out with
someone during daytime.

The lonewolf HB is very hard to find here. Maybe it's easier at cafeterias
during the coffee break in the morning, as some clerks and shop assistants has
to make turns in their breaks with their colleagues. Also you can find them in
public transportation in the afternoon/evening when they are they way home.

Generally talking most HBs in Spain will be with someone ( even their
mothers!), when shopping or whatever, with the exception of those just in their
way to a date or waiting for BFs or friends.

Personally my preference is anyway to work on those "not so easy to find
lonewolves", but many times i end gaming sets of 2 girls during daytime. Those
time i approach a target who is in a 3 or bigger set i just eject, as i have
neither time nor opportunities for follow troughs.

I've found very practical to "vibe" i'm going to approach the target and then
wait for her reaction when i'm not sure if she is by herself. Most of the HBs
with husbands, BFs or "controlling agents" around usually react moving towards
them and taking their hand or doing something obviously indicating the "time is
not right" for them. In other cases they just semi-isolate themselves from
their companion making easy a brief contact and interchange of #s. Other times
they just seem to enjoy the situation created when you open them with their BF
around, and seem to use it as a sort of "shit test" for their BF. Funny shit!

I guess after a while trying GWM you just notice it works wonders just with
lonewolves, so you begin to take in consideration only those interactions
forgetting the other experiences you have very fast. That might explain why
very few people has made comments on this question.... that or as you imply a
lot of bullshit from people who just pretend to apply whatever method while
just being KJing. Their fucking problem anyway. Who cares?.

Best regards.


"The reason of the unreason that afflicts my reason, in such a manner weakens
my reason that I with reason lament me of your comeliness." - Don Quijote de la

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