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uh oh... i may be around - reintroduction

mASF post by Intime

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uh oh... i may be around - reintroduction
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mASF post by "Intime"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

Why uh oh?

Some guys were talkin about how some important things should be rehashed over
and over in different ways for the benefit of all as the author could probably
only say one concept over and over so many times before getting bored.

I remember you were like a walking tylerdurden archive though. so maybe you
could put your own spin on all those patterns as well as the common situations
students seem to always be in.

Sometimes i feel experienced guys should be explaining certain of the well
known concepts clearer so that the general readership of the board doesn't seem
to be so confused and misguided at the same time, but i have to admit im just
lazy to write anything myself.

Really like how you do your routines:) I still do one or two almost the exact
same way you do it minus the aussie accent.

Who's teaching in Sydney now btw?

And i want to announce to all you aussies i had Beck before Lyeton! How was i
to know she would be this famous.

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