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Review: Mystery, Style, Lovedrop invade Chicago

mASF post by TheAnswer

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Review: Mystery, Style, Lovedrop invade Chicago
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mASF post by "TheAnswer"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, April 4, 2005

So, this past weekend I hooked up with Mystery, Style, and Lovedrop at the
recent MM Bootcamp in Chicago. Although I don't consider this a review as much
as an OR, I must say all these guys are at the top of the PUA ladder and I can
attest to the fact that all of them have VERY VERY tight game. We're talking
second degree blackbelts here in the Venusian Arts! With that being said, let's
get to the juicy details:

DAY 1 and DAY 3 were standard outings, Mystery and Style ran tight game both
nights and I forward merged into Mystery's two set on night 3 in which he was
occupying onna the hottest HBs in the venue. She had some really nice tits,
Mystery where are the pics with her titties in your face that you promised to
email me ;)

For you guys that have never met Mystery, he's not only a cool ass dude to
sarge with, but also a cool ass dude just to shoot the shit with. Big Ups
man...Mystery's Lounge in Toronto is now ours!

I winged withh Lovedrop on a 2set on Day 1, he sarged this cute HB who he was
teaching to dance salsa or soemthin??? Nice Lovedrop...he was running good A2
and I was just shooting the shit with her fatty friend..HAAA!

I had maaadd social proof on Day 3 because I opened a two set of HB 6's at the
front of the bar with the 80s music opener. Worked like a charm. I quickly did
some DHV's and negged both of them as I couldn't really decide on a target.
However, I didn't lose the set and here's the main reason...SMILING :) None of
that James Bond 007 shit works, smile and be expressive in your tonality and
facial expressions. You can neg HB 6's if you're playful and just don't give a
shit. Anyways, I showed them the PEG system and ran Strawberry Fields plus some
more DHV's and qualified them both to me using Bait hook Reel Release a couple
of times.

I get one of the HBs on my arm and the other one was occupied by another
student and we went to Mystery with his 2set. I sat down with both HBs cuddling
up against me and Mys's 2set is looking at me, giggling, and whispering
something...probably about how fucking money I looked and which one was gonna
ride my dick and which one was gonna lick my balls. Nice.

I tell Mystery I'm forward merging into his set and he gives me choice of
target, but I just wanna run the obstacle and didn't wanna take his
target...Mystery ran such a good set that I let him have it. LOL. haaa. Jus
playin' bro.

So I open with the PEG system on the HB7 obstacle. While I sit down next to my
HB and show her the PEG, Mystery pulls his target to the side and games her. I
think it's on btw them two so I try to pump up my targets BT. I run the
lipstick personality test, sexual predator routine, digital photo routine and
get a quick makeout.

Then, I go for a timebridge with my target and ask for her # but she asks for
mine. I'm like nope sorry and freeze her out. I totally turn my body language
away and she says she has to leave but doesn't. LOL..Passive IOI anyone?
Eventually, my target grabs my face and lays another one on me...looks like
freezing out works nicely in C1. On the paper where I asked for her number, she
wrote "Be Good." Fuck...that sucks. Mystery's HB literally begged him for his
"business card" but he seems to have built a solid time bridge with her.

Anyways, game was tight on Day 1 and 3. Oh right...DAY 2 is where it gets
reallly fucking interesting.

DAY 2 - How To Extract

Ok, so I run a couple of practice sets to warm up. I open with who lies more
plus the gstring follow up. Girls are giggling but my body language and
tonality blew monkey nuts and my game...looked like game. Guys, MAKE SURE you
go in neutral and smile or your game will look like game and you will get
de-socially proofed.

The bartender asks Mystery if he knows me and she tells him that I'm hitting on
all the girls and stuff. Mystery starts talking about seduction with her and
she seems intrigued. She was a smokin HB9 bartender. Looks like she forgot
about me. Nice move man!

This bar was paacckked, but we were all standing. Lovedrop was with his HB from
the night before and me, him, and Style were trying to get a table for bottle
service..but no tables were left. FUCK. All the hottest chics were at the
tables...oh well.

I decide to game this couple standing by the bar and open once again with the
80s music opener. It works and I make friends with the AMOG. The bartender is
even wondering who sang the song from my opener so I'm totally in with him too.
The AMOG/BF tells me I'm going to be really successful one day...right on man,
little did he know I was gonna be really successful that day with his HB7.5.

So, I'm about 5'11" and this HB is like 6'5" with her damned heels on...but I
still game her and her BF, WHO FLEW IN FROM LA JUST TO SEE HER. Guys, the
secret society is for real! Watch your HB's cuz they will leave you for a
bigger me ;)

Anyways, I use the coin snatch trick on the BF and he's loving me. I'm running
mostly rapport stuff, tell them about my life and where I'm from. The guy
leaves to take a piss...nice, I'm alone with HBtall. I run strawberry fields on
her, FUCK MARRY KILL, Questions Game and then I isolate her to a C1 location
right where Mystery was gaming.

I escalate kino but she doesn't buy it so Mys tells me to do some throwaways
with her hands...I do...IT'S FUCKING ON now. I do so many backturns and make
her jump through my hoops. I do a future adventures projection in which she's
the manager of my boy band. LOL...funny stuff. The BF comes back as I'm huggin
HBtall...but he just leaves and accepts his defeat. She keeps telling me how
bad she feels and shit, but I keep running DHV's and qualifying her. She can't
leave me even though she wants to.

I forward merge and let HBtall meet Style, who runs some stuff on her. Big ups
Style, he made us both look like the perfect couple.

So me, HBtall, Style and his HB venue change to a bar nearby where I can build
some more comfort and trust. Style runs some stock IVD's on her and I use TD's
badass kid story and she's totally into it. People are coming up to her asking
her if she's a model...she wasn't THAT hot, but she was so Tall it was hard to
miss her.

HBtall is resisting a fullout extraction, so I just tell her that Style and his
HB love her and we're gonna go back and raid the mini bar (Style's idea) and
throw a nice time constraint in there. "You can only stay 20 mins, I have a
flight tomorrow."

She says she doesn't want to keep me up but then I lie and say I'm not the one
who said I had to get up early but it was Style...haha dumb HB, she buys it and
we all leave and go to Style's hotel room.

Once there, Style turns on some music and my HB is laying on the bed. Style
leaves with his HB and I makeout with my HB and I'm thinking it's on. She says
she has to go..but then I cube her and she goes into this weird ass
trance...I'm like WTF, so I just makeout with her more.

I'm slowly progressing towards the lay as I have her shirt off and pants
halfway down. I start fingering her, but she resists me totally taking off her

After about an hour of LMR, Style busts in and says that him and his HB got
caught messing around in the stairway...he quickly turns off the lights and
jumps into bed. Nice...I thought my HB wouldn't care, but she got all self
concious and wanted to leave. I try to convince go though. She leaves.
FUUCKKK. Whatever, more HB's are on the horizon for me *shrug*

"G'head envy me, I'm ASF's MVP, and I ain't goin' nowhere so you better get to
know me" -The_Answer

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