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Mystery Method» (tm) IMPROVED

mASF post by Mystery

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Mystery Method» (tm) IMPROVED
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, October 10, 2004

I have made some important distinctions with regards to certain objectives that
we must meet in specific phases in my M3 model (the structure to a PU), and
have been teaching these new concepts in my last few bootcamps:

As anyone who understands The Venusian Arts knows, there are 3 stages to
courtship: Attraction, Comfort & Trust, and Seduction. The Attraction Stage has
a beginning middle and end. They used to be:

A1 = Open
A2 = F2M Attract
A3 = M2F Attract

I have since improved this. They are now:

A1 = Open
A2 = Interest
A3 = F2M Interest

is NOT ATTRACTION. I repeat, it is NOT attraction.

What is it then?

It is INTEREST! I have to simply get a woman INTERESTED in what I have to say.

This does NOT mean I have to get the women SEXUALLY INTERESTED in me. Let me

If a guy tells a funny joke, people will say, "that was funny." but if he tells
10 funny jokes in a row, people will say "HE'S funny." See, its the comedian
who gets the acclaim, not the material.

If you want to get a woman INTERESTED in you, you must simply BE interesting.
So, similar to the comedian, if you tell a group something INTERESTING (and
this interesting fact may have NOTHING to do with relationships - see example
below) people will say, "that's interesting." but if you tell them 10
interesting facts in a row, they will say "YOU'RE interesting!" Now, isn't that

Example: "How many 9's exist between 1 and 100?" the answer isnt 9. it isnt 10.
it isnt 11. its actually 20!

String a series of interesting facts or stories (which have literally NOTHING
to do with seduction) and they will say, "you are so interesting." THIS is the
point of A2. You want to INTEREST them.

In A3, this is where you says things to the target to encourage her to say
things to YOU that are interesting. Isn't it INTERESTING when someone shares
COMMONALITIES with you! "You like Britney Spears too? Wow! We have so much in

"What's your favorite color?"
"oh my GOD! I have a favorite color TOO! Its Red! We have SO MUCH in common!
Isn't that ... interesting!"

The Comfort and Trust stage is also broken up into a beginning middle and
ending, but they are only separated by LOCATION!

C1 = The comfort location found IN the attraction location. EG: smoking section
of club

C2 = Any location that is NOT IN the attract location nor the seduction
location. EG: cafe.

C3 = The comfort location found IN the seduction location. EG: your living

I have named these phases:

C1 = Rapport Location
C2 = Trust Location
C3 = Intimacy Location

We want to perform A1 and A2 in the Attraction Location. Then I will MOVE the
girl to the Rapport Location during A3. I may move her entire group too of
course - if its just her, the MOVE is an ISOLATION. Remember, you can't isolate
within a 2-set as this leaves the friend of the target alone, turning her into
a potential CB. Just MOVE the 2set to the rapport location (C1).

You will, in order to continue on your course of comfort building, need to JUMP
from C1 to C2. You will either TB (Time Bridge) or Bounce (formerly EXTRACT).

specific MOVE tactic. In isolating, you will either MOVE her from her group and
sit with you 1-on-1 for a little while (you will return with her to her group
to continue comfort building with her and group of course) or you will be
sitting with the group and simply talk quietly with the girl who is already
sitting beside you (in isolation), allowing the group to talk amongst
themselves for a bit. Isolating is NOT a required MOVE. But at some point,
being in a RAPPORT LOCATION IS! If you are NOT in a location that allows you to
build rapport when you meet her group, you will have to make a MOVE. The good
news is, if the attraction location IS ALSO a rapport location (afterall, all
rapport locations - C1 - are IN the attraction location) then you don't have to
MOVE and can simply save the step.

I suppose, as usual, this makes greater sense when displayed in a diagram.
These diagrams are given to my students in my seminar and exhaustively
explained on day 1: structure.

Finally, the seduction stage has a beginning middle and ending and these phases
remain the same.

S1 = Arousal
S2 = LMR
S3 = Sex

While in C3 (intimacy location) I will begin S1. During S1 (either near the
beginning nor the end of S1 in fact) I will MOVE her from the intimacy location
to the seduction location and move onto S2 and finally S3.

I hope this clears up what you must do to successfully go from MEETING a woman
to HAVING SEX with her.

Remember, this pattern occurs in EVERY SUCCESSFUL COURTSHIP, whether you know
it or not. Every love story ever told will travel through these 12 phases:


(NOTE: this stage has a beginning middle and ending, but its only broken up by

S1 = AROUSAL (kissing is a comfort builder, while foreplay is a seduction
S2 = LMR (last minute resistance - there are 4 LMR tactics!)
S3 = Sex

THIS is the NEWEST most IMPROVED M3 model to date.

Love Mystery

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