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Re: The Importance Of A PUA Home [Long]

mASF post by demilano

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Re: The Importance Of A PUA Home [Long]
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mASF post by "demilano"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, October 10, 2004

Great post, SC!

I added a few additional comments and ideas into your original text below.

> 1. Have Candles And Incense Sticks:
> Do you have candles? No? Imagine the power of ritual! Say "why dont you
> the candles while I wash up" -or-"Why dont you go wash up while I light
> candles" [Thanks Mys] to a woman in a deep seductive tone, when you both
> ready to do it. It feels so fuckin romantic. The woman is lighting the
> for you, or you're lighting them up while she's washing up. It's just
> Its nothing but the power of ritual. Sex is a ritual. Make it an amazing
> experience.

Definitely! Our eyes and ears are in constant use every day, but what about
our noses? Are they really just there for smelling some perfume or whether
the food from the fridge is still fresh?
I've used incense sticks for some time, but now with my current GF, we are
both into raw scents. We make our own mixtures of ingredients I (cheaply!)
buy from ebay and then put them on special hot coal.
A few recommendations: white sandalwood, styrax, benzoe siam, indian &
ethiopian incense.
The advantage over sticks is that this incense is absolutely individual, and
that it's about as raw as it gets.

Regarding candles:
I've recently bought 100 little candles for less than 2 euros (>2$) and
lighted them with a special stick-formed candle lighter. With these,
lighting them works like a charm, and when she saw all those candles burning
at once, she was swept off her feet.

> 2. Pillows
> Does your room have enough pillows? Women love pillows. I have around 10
> pillows in my room, and I plan on getting more depending on the area.
> heard from Mys that the boys have a room full of pillows!!!]

A good friend of mine, who's from Turkey, bought a little house a few months
ago and had a brilliant idea:
he's going to change the roof into a bedouine style room - with arab style
carpets, pillows, scents, tea, hookah and more, including books with arab
poems (of course, translated into german). In order to make it look like a
bedouine tent, he wants to just hang up a few sheets on the walls.

> 3. Games
> Do you have enough games to entertain a group of 4? If not, you're losing
> I have friends calling me up and coming over all the time. Now, many a
> one of them is my GF (or a possible lay) and the others are her friends,
so I
> have to entertain them. I have a bunch of card games, some board games to
> them entertained. I also have the RUNES now (they're wicked BTW). I have
> Origami stuff;) that I once made a chick do. She loved it. I am planning
> buying a Hookah considering that they've become the hottest thing to do in
> nowadays.

I like your origami stuff, this is great man!
Regarding the runes; I've got them too, but IMO, it's either you're a pro in
them, or you better leave it. I like to use them as a bait, expanding into
nordic mythology etc.

> 4. Alcohol/Wine
> Gotta have this. No questions about it. I love to drink with women. I
> drink at clubs, but many times I come back home with my Day2 and we just
> out and have wine or some shots. Crown Royal, Bacardi, Jager are
constantly in
> stock!

I like absinthe; you can buy special glasses and absinte-spoons on ebay. The
interesting aspects regarding absinthe are the drinking ritual and it's
reputation. The drinking ritual involves burning cubes of sugar on special
spoons over the glas. And regarding it's reputation: absinthe contains a
neurotoxine called "Thujon", which is said to be slightly hallucinogenic and
similar to cannabis. Best of all, it's legal!

> 6. DVDs/VHS
> Own good DVDs. Here's my collection:
> - Fight Club [ HAHA! You're not PUA material if you dont like this movie]
> - Titanic [fun to watch on WideScreen HD]
> - Gladiator [another kick ass movie]
> - Texas Chainsaw Massacre [for scares]
> - Ice Age [fun stuff]
> - American Pie (series)
> - Serendipity [Chick Flick]
> - Sex And The City [My phone game hook]
> - [chick flicks] I love chick flicks. LOL! For A Reason. LOL!
> - The 25th Hour [Ed Fuckin Norton and his amazing 'Fuck You' speech. This
> is awesome]
> - American History X [Ed again]
> - Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2
> - Catch Me If you Can
> - Scarface [Whatsup Mayne!]
> - Godfather [the series]
> What I'm trying to say is, have 2 good movies for every category.
> Horror! I love watching horror movies with chicks. Yea, I'm retarded.

Great recommendations - didn't consider building a DVD lib like that before.

> Get the chick to rent a movie for you. Tell her, she can only come over if
> gets a cool movie to watch. It's so amazing then, coz she wont be nervous
> coming over but she'll be more worried about finding a good movie for us
> watch.

This is $$$$$!!!


> 10. Coffee Table Books
> I have a bunch of them
> - America - A Century in Pictures
> - Bedroom Design books [Lots of neat pics]
> - Hollywood - A century in pics
> - Exotic Locations - In Pictures
> Sometimes I have to send out emails, or even call family back home or call
> friends and I dont want them to sit around doing nothing. So I give them
> books to flip through and they love it. I even have a "I CAN DRAW
> book that I give them and tell them to make a cool cartoon of their choice
> me to pin up on my photo board. It works wonders!

Cool stuff, especially your cartoon-book. Great idea, really! Didn't
consider buying photographic books just for guests before.

> Other add on stuff I have:
> Various kinds of lamps, tarot cards, a small water fountain, some
> artifacts, a photo album for them to see [money!], oh, and Condoms, in my
> hat! LOL!

Oh yeah, the photo album! If nothing works to change her mood towards you,
an album with pictures from childhood ALWAYS will LOL!

> I've noticed that these things make you stand out above the rest. If you
> to excel in the Venusian arts, you've got to do it RIGHT. Till the very
> You've gotta demonstrate higher value, convey an interesting personality
> only till the lay, but after that too!

Well said!

> These things will count when she thinks about you once she is back at her
> place. You have to offer her stuff to come back. When you sleep with them,
> are offering almost everything they have to you!
> Women constantly paint a picture about things they've seen and felt and
> behaviour changes with the picture they have of you. It very important to
> this picture as colorful and as interesting as possible.

Was that just a pattern? ;-)

> Thats all I can think of now. Feel free to add anything.
> Constructive Criticism appreciated.
> Cheerz
> SC

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