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Re: FR: Seated Sets ... [thread]

Date: 2011/08/31 Author: SorenK

Excerpt: “Jazz, thanks for your reply. They're always mostly positive and understandable. Yeah, I'm definitely the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz, so this is a personal obstacle that I'll need to be aware of. Cool that you point that out about grabbing a sea...”

FR: I Number closed my first hb10! ... [thread]

Date: 2011/08/07 Author: Prada813

Excerpt: “Gentlemen, tonight I just # closed by first hb10! This is my first time posting here. What Im going to cover in this field report is -What happened -What I feel I did wrong -What I feel I did right -Constructive criticism is welcome! What happened I r...”

Twenty-Five thanks to Sixty. ... [thread]

Date: 2011/07/16 Author: SorenK

Excerpt: “I went out with a 'magic number' in mind of approaches that I wanted to attain. It became an exhausting scramble at one point, but I persevered until I reached my goal. Twenty-Five approaches throughout the evening. Anyone who's been at this for awhil...”

Re: New PU term? ... [thread]

Date: 2011/06/22 Author: Animator

Excerpt: “NOTE - I'm still a starter AFC! I am the same way man. I start making jokes and I go too far, don't know how to stop. Problem is we both don't do (or do enough) sexual escalation. According to Adam Lyons (AFC Adam), top 3 characteristics that naturals...”

Attraction Formula ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/08 Author: NaturalApproach

Excerpt: “Okay I always said don't focus on generating attraction. But after taking Adam Lyons' course, he basically gave me a bunch of more ideas. You see, Adam has this theory that investment leads to attraction. I tend to agree. When you are 1 year in a rela...”

Things that I learned about meeting people ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/07 Author: NaturalApproach

Excerpt: “This weekend I took a course taught by Adam Lyons and his friends. I was impressed: here was finally a pickup artist who didn't have ideas I intuitively disagreed with -- I was taken aback by how much what he taught matched exactly what I had discover...”

Re: Gaming for a F-Buddy/ONS vs Gaming for Long Term GF ... [thread]

Date: 2010/02/12 Author: Thundercat

Excerpt: “Well, the first thing I'd recommend is that you figure out what you want. To me, it sounds like you want a harem of casual f-buddies, lol. (Nothing wrong with that, mind you) If I were you, I'd look into how someone like Adam Lyons sets up his multipl...”

15 tips for noobs to use TONIGHT ... [thread]

Date: 2009/12/04 Author: DeadEye

Excerpt: “Hey there new guy! It's Friday afternoon (at least in my area). And you are probably browsing the beginners section to get some advice for tonight. Well, brace yourself new guy because I have a list for you. A simple list that's high on usefulness, be...”

Re: need help with building attraction and escallating ... [thread]

Date: 2009/11/03 Author: Keaton

Excerpt: “If you are good in creating comfort, you can try Adam Lyons' stuff! It is about creating attraction through breaking rapport. If you can create comfort easily, it will be very simple to break rapport every once and, then, build attraction. It's only a...”

Re: I'm getting so much better but need help ... [thread]

Date: 2009/10/18 Author: jackeveryman

Excerpt: “The responses so far assume the situation where you get the "I don't really know you that well" response. Ideally you shouldn't be getting that at all. She's looking for a reason to give you her number, so I want you to think about something: If you w...”

Re: Sarging AND social circle trouble...2 PART ... [thread]

Date: 2009/10/13 Author: Lightnight

Excerpt: “While i am very much in the beginner stages of rafc-hood, working on my AA, parts of my game are actually very natural - it is just putting the missing bits in to make it complete. in this case - it sounds like you need to learn a bit about how AFC Ad...”

Re: OR: Approaching 20 a day for at least a week ... [thread]

Date: 2008/07/29 Author: Moreno

Excerpt: “Thanks for the advice guys. Looks like this thread is heading towards a debate. But really, I don't have a problem with opening and transitioning. I've done that a few times and I got some # and K closes. But I feel like I'm not opening enough with wo...”

Re: First Cut The Rules of Seduction From Channel4 (UK TV) ... [thread]

Date: 2008/02/20 Author: babydiams

Excerpt: AFC Adam Lyons is just his name in the community. :) he is a mPua /Become a master PUA or Die trying/”

Re: First Cut The Rules of Seduction From Channel4 (UK TV) ... [thread]

Date: 2008/02/20 Author: babydiams

Excerpt: “So here is the ranking: ""Thundercat (http:- recently produced his annual top 10 list and put our boy Adam at number 3. Adam showed Thundercat his skills when he met him in LA recently. The best thing is that Thundercat only puts people in the list wh...”

First Cut The Rules of Seduction From Channel4 (UK TV) ... [thread]

Date: 2008/02/20 Author: babydiams

Excerpt: “So I just found on line this reportage about puas in the UK: First Cut The rules of seduction. It talks about the community of PUA in the UK with Gambler from, AFC Adam Lyons(number 1 pick up artist in the UK and 3rd best PUA in the world). http...”

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