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On getting started, on humor, etc. ... [thread]

Date: 2010/11/23 Author: Averagesilentguy

Excerpt: “Hello community, I personally believe that it takes about 2-4 years just to get 'good' at something. And I mean JUST TO GET GOOD. Think martial arts, playing an instrument anything. Sure, you can have some success and fun while learning, but to really...”

Re: What really is attractive to women ... [thread]

Date: 2009/06/26 Author: joseph_went_south

Excerpt: “Why do you do this to yourself? NYpartyguy wrote: 1) Height Height is the most important thing to women. If you are Since I date several women who are taller than me, I can certify that this is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. I hope you fuck the daylights out of...”

Kill your master (yet another name) A full training manual of some classic knowledge ... [thread]

Date: 2009/04/27 Author: Zardoz

Excerpt: “How to Meet and Attract Women. Part 1: The basics (To getting laid)You need this little weird bits to keep people reading. (Note: This guide is not my method. It is a compiled list of common knowledge on the art of seduction». It started out as a guide...”

My Take on Creating Sexual Tension and Sparking the Needed Chemistry With Women ... [thread]

Date: 2009/02/21 Author: daygamecolin

Excerpt: “Lets talk a little bit about creating sexual tension and sparking chemistry with women. Flirt, Tease, crack jokes, create a bit of a challenge and get out of normal social communication (chit chat) and get into sexual tension creating communication fa...”

Ignore Stereotypes - Alpha/Beta ... [thread]

Date: 2008/12/28 Author: Klutch

Excerpt: “I'm about to head out the door but had a thought a minute ago and didn't want to let it go... When hooking up with girls while at the same time trying to find your identity, a lot of guys spend too much time trying too hard to be "alpha" instead of ju...”

Create Sexual Tension and Spark Chemistry NOW!!! ... [thread]

Date: 2008/11/11 Author: daygamecolin

Excerpt: “Flirt, Tease, crack jokes, create a bit of a challenge and get out of normal social communication (chit chat) and get into sexual tension creating communication fast... This is so key to understand, utilize and master when it comes to your interaction...”

Guide to Internalizing Body Language (as requested by "Auh") ... [thread]

Date: 2008/10/07 Author: Jokers_and_Jacks

Excerpt: “#Internalizing#Body#Language#and#How#I#Internalize#in#General# So in another thread the mASF user Auh wrote: Anyways, I wanted to ask you if you could be more specific about what you did to improve your BL.I want to know what you worked on when you...”


Date: 2008/08/19 Author: BradP

Excerpt: “This is a report I've been working on for a long time. I'm very happy to be releasing it here on mASF. I know a lot of people will flame me or hate on this report, but I'm still very proud of it because I think it breaks new ground and makes a big con...”

Re: Stop Bullshiting and Start Getting Laid ... [thread]

Date: 2008/06/23 Author: TheLetter

Excerpt: “Wilove wrote: So I was browsing youtube and I came over something that disturbed me...:batty: http:- j17qJtWM&feature=related I watched the video, and although the guy comes off as pretty flamboyant, he's got solid game. Specifically, he's a speed se...”

Re: Is There Really a Double-Standard? Discussion & Thoughts Please! ... [thread]

Date: 2008/01/07 Author: Klutch

Excerpt: “josephwentsouth wrote: Klutch wrote: A hot chick gets more attention from men than we'll ever fully understand. Even an I don't agree. A real PUA has more pussy than he can handle. Just because women are much better at being discreet, and the man ...”

Re: Image and perception ... [thread]

Date: 2007/12/30 Author: TheCostOfSuccess

Excerpt: “Its easy to get girls Girls are desperate I agree that guys shouldn't say, "oh she's a bitch" But mostly cuz, its not THAT hard to get girls. Alot of guys think its like a trophy getting a girl... But really if you play the game to get girls... Its ac...”

Re: The difference between a PUA and a Seducer ... [thread]

Date: 2007/12/08 Author: ijjjji

Excerpt: “Gonna repost some amazing shit that fixed this exact same problem for me. (2 replies from Dreem in a jlaix thread): Date Posted: 2003/06/22 05:38:00 AM EDT Author: Dreem Subject: Re: Friendster Lay (I know, I know) wrote in message [email protected] On 6/22/03 1:1...”

Re: Shoe comment/opener, gets a laugh ... [thread]

Date: 2007/11/25 Author: joseph_went_south

Excerpt: “It seems you really have nothing constructive to offer this forum. I looked through your posts and all you are doing is mocking the OP with no helpful information of your own. That's trolling. BigDAddyMethod wrote: "They are FAR more concerned with t...”

Re: Attraction isn't a choice, but sex is ... [thread]

Date: 2007/10/19 Author: joseph_went_south

Excerpt: “Beefbeet wrote: The title pretty much sums up where I'm coming from. I'm unclear as to how obvious this is to everyone here, but I wanted to make this point. In the community, there seems to be a general belief that you got to earn attraction, which i...”

Re: Re-Evaluating Peacocking ... [thread]

Date: 2007/10/06 Author: BradP

Excerpt: “I think Centaur is correct. Lately i've realized that fashion is an inner game issue for guys who are bad at it. they just won't give themselves permission to dress attractive. In any event, I've been bringing this stereotype thing up now and again fo...”

Exceeding Your Potential ... [thread]

Date: 2007/09/14 Author: DrPleasure

Excerpt: “The thread about the pick-up artist got me thinking about some things which I'd like to throw out there... I watch the show and love it. I find it hilarious and I just love watching pick-up in action. It was painful at first because the dudes were so ...”

Why Overtly Nice Guys Finish Last... ... [thread]

Date: 2007/08/02 Author: bachelorstyle

Excerpt: “I have thought about this for years now. Why dont women fall for nice guys? Is it because they are too friendly, too predictable, not enough of a challenge? I know a beautiful girl named Mary and I asked her if she would date a flat out nice guy She t...”

Review: Weekend Crash Course with Alex Nova ... [thread]

Date: 2007/04/26 Author: NewAgeMan

Excerpt: “I took the Attract Women Weekend Crash Course with Alex Nova at the start of February 2007. I wanted to see how much more I improved prior posting anything about it so I could actually have a clear head when doing so. May I add that I am not affiliate...”

Re: How to Be Cool ... [thread]

Date: 2007/04/14 Author: Lifeguard

Excerpt: “Thanks guys. Just wanted to clarify a few things. First, I meant to write "I am going on vacation with my WOMAN." Singular. No harem or MLTRs. I'm not that cool (smiley face here, perhaps winking) Also, I rec'd an email from someone here who wishes to...”

understanding how girls feel attraction ... [thread]

Date: 2007/02/25 Author: Antonio77

Excerpt: “understanding how women feel sexually attracted to a man is really confusing for me because it is so different from how a man feels attraction. My question is hard for me to word, but here it goes: Im really having a hard time understanding how talkin...”

Re: Fashion critique ... [thread]

Date: 2007/01/01 Author: BradP

Excerpt: “Depends on what you're going for. I think you've done a good job of getting the basics down and your clothes look current and fit well. You could pick up some average type girls for sure with that look. I'd say you look is average guy/well dressed. If...”

Social vs. Seductive ... [thread]

Date: 2006/12/18 Author: Lifeguard

Excerpt: “I am putting this post in Advanced because this is for guys who already have social skills and a degree of success with women. I have posted many times that in order to attract women, you must have self-esteem, a good First Impression, and know how to...”

Review: Attract Women. E-Book Vol. 1 ... [thread]

Date: 2006/10/24 Author: sn1per

Excerpt: “Review: Attract Women. E-Book Vol. 1. Crash course on attracting, dating and keeping women. ------------------------------------------- I've been logged in to mASF since February 2006. I posted 8-10 questions and comments in the General section and Re...”

More on Rockstar/Punk stereotyping ... [thread]

Date: 2006/05/25 Author: BradP

Excerpt: “OK cliff wrote back fast. he said I can cross post it, so here it is. I just saved you 30 seconds of looking for it. 3 Real Life Examples of SEXY STEREOTYPING in Action from Brad P. www.- Did you know that girls make funny little lists of what they're...”

Attraction Dynamics ... [thread]

Date: 2006/05/02 Author: norpacwolf

Excerpt: “A brother in the community recently asked: 'how can I consistently attract women in an abbreviated period of time?' My reply was: As far as the dynamics of attraction, I really feel that first, attraction occurs instantaneously, and is therefore based...”

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