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cliff's list and lair list DOWN? ... [thread]

Date: 2006/11/30 Author: newrealiti

Excerpt: “What's happened to Cliff's List and Lair 2nd last entry on cliffs list is about his UPCOMING Cliff's Convention 2006 from 6 months ago. Lairlist just comes up with a site parked sign. Ive just started a new Lair for Tasmania, AUSTRALIA not sure...”

Req: Reviews of the Cliff List seminar? ... [thread]

Date: 2005/07/19 Author: docandwriter

Excerpt: “Hi, Did anyone go to the Cliff's List PUA Summit in Montreal? Can you post reviews of the seminar and the events around it? How did the PUA's do with the MTL women? Docandwriter”

Great interview with Doc on Cliff's list ... [thread]

Date: 2004/07/31 Author: demilano

Excerpt: “I just wanted to to mention that Clifford did a long and very interesting interview with Doc (the psychologist from the DYD interview series). You can read it in full length and for free here: http:- To everyone who doesn't know Cliff's List yet: it i...”

ZAN ROCKS: Cliff's list repost (by request) ... [thread]

Date: 2002/11/27 Author: breakbeat

Excerpt: “TD bro, It's cool to hear some convo from you, I was wondering! :) This is the shit, dude, it's exactly what feels totally right to do. EV has been on my top priority list for so long, but it just never fit right into my repertoire, because it involve...”

ZAN ROCKS: Cliff's list repost (by request) ... [thread]

Date: 2002/11/27 Author: TylerDurden

Excerpt: “Someone requested me to post this.. you can get it off Cliff's List. I tried this sort of style, combined with KOOPER's roleplaying, to talk to girls about marrying me and shit like that. TylerDurden Now then, on a completely different tangent, I have...”

Cliff's List ... [thread]

Date: 2002/08/29 Author: Clifford

Excerpt: Message body unavailable.

Re: Mystery's stripper rules/tactics/ Cliff's list? ... [thread]

Date: 2001/08/03 Author: RaverDJ

Excerpt: “this line seems to be the best bit of info, but the whole post is a gold mine, and should be archived. 3. A dancer asks you for a dance - You tell her, "No" and she will ask why. Always answer, "My previous girlfriend was a stripper and I understand h...”

Re: Mystery's stripper rules/tactics/ Cliff's list? ... [thread]

Date: 2001/08/01 Author: Bush_Pilot

Excerpt: “Big Boy [email protected] wrote in message [email protected] I just looked at the site and could not find this. This should really be added to one of the sites. Credit to Mystery,, Rio and others: Common Questions That Come Up With Topless Dancers 1. She asks your age - A...”

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