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The only NLP stuff i use, reminder of a RJ technique. ... [thread]

Date: 2008/06/05 Author: TVA_Oslo

Excerpt: “Giveherwhatsheneeds In this technique you will find out if she's a visual person, kinesthetic person or an auditory person. So here we go: TVA»: Try to remember the last time you where on the holiday at the beach.. What was the best thing you can remem...”

Palm reading ... [thread]

Date: 2007/08/19 Author: hernans

Excerpt: “This is one of the best cold reading techniques you can use. Palm reading is a great IVD that I've field tested hundred of times with high efficiency. Remember this is not like you're predicting her future, it's more about her personality (I guess you...”

Re: Spirituality ... [thread]

Date: 2007/08/05 Author: diapente

Excerpt: Pick up Cosmo magazine (I don't know if they sell it where you're at) or some other "girl magazine" and read through it. There are a lot of articles about the type of "spiritual" stuff women like. You should read the Horoscopes daily - there isn't rea...”

Re: vivats' 7 Day Challenge ... [thread]

Date: 2007/07/29 Author: vivats

Excerpt: “Day 6 Ok, so it's Sunday, I meet Swifty at 7-ish at Jacksons on George and we go grab some Macca's as I haven't eaten anything today. Then we head to the Argyle and meed Madcat at 7:45pm and we go to the Observer Hotel, where Tony joins us. After a go...”

FR: Her BF is Out of the Picture ... [thread]

Date: 2006/08/22 Author: Gamble

Excerpt: “ScienceMagic! Out of all FRs, i love reading yours the most! I like the way that you displayed that the BF thing doesnt mean shit to you, and you gave her the option of how to proceed. She responded to the lead and you totally handled the situ. LOL at...”

help! ... [thread]

Date: 2006/04/25 Author: True Player

Excerpt: “now at the risk of sounding like a complete and utter noob i have to ask this. I want to learn the best friends test and and the coloured energy thing and a couple of cold reading techniques but or the life of me i cant find them. Ive DAFS but still n...”

Gamer vs. Self-Improver ... [thread]

Date: 2005/10/18 Author: jamestown

Excerpt: “1) The gamer: He plays the game. It is not about people as much as it is about numbers. Uses memorized openers, gimmicks, learns palm reading, patterns etc. Style would be your man for this category. He uses whatever he needs to to be the best there c...”

Campus Sarging ... [thread]

Date: 2005/10/11 Author: FlagPUA

Excerpt: “Sarging at school, I have to agree is much easier than in the real world. For one thing you have an automatic time constraint in between classes...also if your sarge is going well, you have a good excuse to ask for her phone number. Also I find some o...”

what are the cold readings/observations u use? ... [thread]

Date: 2005/07/10 Author: APHRODISIAC

Excerpt: “. I know so many different chicks, no kidding. but they are different. Now, some sensitive, some really non sensitive , some girly , and some tom boy. Can you share the best observations and cold reading that you would use on any girl.i.e just to make...”

Do you guys think girls *really* follow astrology ... [thread]

Date: 2004/08/14 Author: TylerDurden

Excerpt: “I'm sitting here, late at night, and thinking to myself that everything I have ever seen leads me to believe that girls FOR REAL think that astrology is legit. My own mother has a theory about the value of a vehicle will have a correlation to the birt...”

Cold read...HELP ... [thread]

Date: 2003/12/31 Author: Wild Bard

Excerpt: “On 12/31/03 4:41:00 PM, G-Menace wrote: Can someone please point me to a resource on cold reads. I DAFS, but I came up with nothing. My Cold read game isn't that strong, and I really need to work on it. Cut and paste this into the search field, and ch...”

Cold reading book ... [thread]

Date: 2003/11/20 Author: GeneMachine

Excerpt: “Interesting article here mainly about how to do cold reading. It references a book by a guy called Ian Rowland that looks like it could be interesting.. Here's a couple of cold reading techniques it mentions.. "Barnum statements" sound specific but re...”

Too confident??? ... [thread]

Date: 2003/10/30 Author: blazerball7

Excerpt: “I was talking to my buddy and thinking about my skill level as a PUA today. Now I have given myself the impresion that I am so confident I can talk to any girl and that I am, compared to other guys I know, a PUA. But looking at how many girls I actual...”

Too confident??? ... [thread]

Date: 2003/10/30 Author: Mystery

Excerpt: “Anyway, I approach at least once a day and manage to #close about 1/2. I did 3 approaches yesterday and only got one location bridge (and #) while out with TD and the boys ... and that is after several years of doing dozens of approaches a night to pr...”

Too confident??? ... [thread]

Date: 2003/10/30 Author: Essennem101

Excerpt: “On 10/30/03 12:03:00 AM, blazerball7 wrote: But looking at how many girls I actually have and the quality I can now assure myself that I am not a PUA. You are a PUA-to-be. I have one 18 year old HB7 that I see at school and date sometimes. I have not ...”

ESP is real ... [thread]

Date: 2003/08/17 Author: chMag

Excerpt: “On 8/17/03 12:02:00 PM, Wild Bard wrote: Not to take a position one way or the other on the veracity of the research in question. But Randi and the CSICOPS (Committee for scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal - a prominent skeptic orga...”

ESP is real ... [thread]

Date: 2003/08/17 Author: Wild Bard

Excerpt: “Not to take a position one way or the other on the veracity of the research in question. But Randi and the CSICOPS (Committee for scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal - a prominent skeptic organization) crowd are FAR from impartial. Fo...”

Re: Cults ... [thread]

Date: 2002/07/22 Author: toecutter

Excerpt: “FinaD, your discussion is a lot of fun. I'll throw in my 2c on your ideas. finalD wrote in message I like your metaphor about level headed debate recognising other peoples points of views vs. closed thinking and the point you make was not lost, but I ...”

Re: OT - graphodeck and handwriting ... [thread]

Date: 2001/07/11 Author: joh***[email protected]***.com[ ? ]

Excerpt: “On 10 Jul 2001 23:38:54 GMT, [email protected] (TranceC) wrote: Ive been studying cold reading techniques for some time now and have done psychic fares just to perfect them.... I just go straight into it and watch them trance out almost right away........I use pal...”

Re: OT - graphodeck and handwriting ... [thread]

Date: 2001/07/10 Author: TranceC

Excerpt: “I introduce it, "I have this hobby doing handwriting analysis. It tells you all about yourself. It's like body language». You know how body language» shows how a person feels? It's kinda the same thing I wouldn't introduce it that way just ask them if t...”

Re: who ARE you people? ... [thread]

Date: 2001/04/06 Author: David A. Burgess

Excerpt: “FinalD wrote: This is a great frustration to me. People of the uneducated sort tend to think that "studying the mind" is somehow opening a Pandora's box of dangers. Very true. I'm pretty intuitive and very good at reading body language», so I do pre...”

Re: Handwriting Analysis ... [thread]

Date: 2000/12/14 Author: TranceC

Excerpt: “Does anyone here do handwriting analysis? I just got my deck of Grapho cards and it seems that this will be a good gimmick for attracting girls and/or leading from that to eliciting values. Don't do it with the cards. You can learn pretty quickly by...”

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