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Re: Starting my first relationship in 2 years...advice? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2010/07/17 Author: intrepid1

Excerpt: “I'm amazed at how many guys burn emotional energy on things they can't control; you can't control the past, so why let it bug you. And you can't control people; past, present or future. I believe the root cause of your heightened jealousy is lack of i...”

Re: Am I the last guy on earth? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.relationships
Date: 2010/07/17 Author: intrepid1

Excerpt: “Wow! Your emotions and issues are all over the map; my head is spinning from your post; I don't even know where to begin. You're essentially like a fibrillating heart or seizuring brain. You seriously need to defibrillate yourself, and get a fresh sta...”

Re: Need help over a two year period ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2010/05/22 Author: intrepid1

Excerpt: “You're on the right track when you say you should treat everyone like your little sisters; that's perfect; keep that up. NiccoloMachiavelli says your primary problem is one of application, but I think in your case it's much more an issue of self-image...”

Re: Inner Game sticky Point ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2009/12/26 Author: JGI

Excerpt: “david deangelo's deep inner game meditations of marcus aurelius tao te ching anything by wayne dyer”

Inner Game: Growth through Conflict ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2008/08/11 Author: Corvette

Excerpt: “I got more from one fight than I did from 10 months of approaching women. In my post, "Massive Fight 2000" in Off-topic, I described how me and a pal kicked 6 guys' heads in this weekend without even getting hurt. Now they started it, and I feel fully...”

Re: OR: APPROACH JOURNAL ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.fieldreports
Date: 2008/04/18 Author: thenova

Excerpt: “i havent been on here recently but ive done ross jeffries usc and deep inner game work with affirmations.(good stuff) This has been a great week, ive followed ross jeffries unstoppable confidence and david deangelo belief system and had a ball. Today ...”

Re: resources for inner game? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2008/03/21 Author: thenova

Excerpt: “i got your cure buddy. look up david deangelos deep inner game dvds on torrents or limewire. 2:mamas boy is a wuss. simple read double your dating david deangelo and ross jeffries unstoppable confidence.”

Re: Serious inner game problems ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/10/01 Author: Halfdeaf

Excerpt: “first of all you are new so I would recamend the I am new part of masf. Do that first. After that you can start convincing yourself that you can get any women you want if you try and try and try. Try and then learn from your mistakes. Go on here and p...”

Re: My Inner Game Issue - Dealing With Success ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/09/28 Author: Brokie

Excerpt: “One thing that I started with to help me wit my inner game is the David Deangelo program Deep Inner Game which was pretty good. Also check out the book, The Way of The Superior Man. Great tools.”

Re: Where should I start, as an AFC with Asperger's syndrome? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/07/28 Author: BachinBlack

Excerpt: “Please dont think I wasnt taking your condition seriously, but I think that you need to avoid placing yourself in a frame that has 'less capable' written all over it. As I said somewhere else, my brother has the same condition, so I do realise the sig...”

Re: being ALPHA ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/07/25 Author: BachinBlack

Excerpt: “My friend, Based on what you have written, you seem to be confusing the term 'alpha' with 'obnoxious prick'. Do you really think that demeaning others from behind the shelter of your 'alpha' friends is a genuinely inspiring and masculine way to behave...”

Re: Major fear problems ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/05/15 Author: BachinBlack

Excerpt: “Well, all the important stuff has been said really, so I'll just add one simple comment. If your fear is really that heavy, and you are that inexperienced, then start off with small victories as you try out the beginner exercises. A smile from a girl ...”

Re: Drugs for PU? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/05/03 Author: Shag

Excerpt: “No drugs. Period. You have a cheating personality and addictive behaviours, possibly as a result of LSE. Just take a look at your background, hookers, medications, and quick fixes. And I'll bet you can come up with a lot really good porn sites to reco...”

Re: Controlling Anger. ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/04/24 Author: Shag

Excerpt: “Dr Paul Dobransky is a good resource too -.com) as is David DeAngelo's Deep Inner Game Stuff. Dr Paul goes through a number of metaphors to apply make human psychology more user friendly. I'm way too tired and fucked up to explain it to you but he's g...”

Re: david deangelo's many dvds ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2007/04/24 Author: Shag

Excerpt: “If you believe in nothing else, believe in this. There is a god, and he's a guy. Oh and this too. David DeAngelo is a champion. Don't buy into the greed criticism, or the inferiority stuff. If it wasn't for him, his promotional/marketing/business skil...”

Re: ATTN: Everybody ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/03/06 Author: BachinBlack

Excerpt: “Hi Ugitis. That was the strangest post I've read on this site so far, and it was entertaining, if a little worrying. just because a person is a FRIEND, it doesnt mean that you can scare the shit out of them with wierd random emails. If I tried that wi...”

Re: Help with various things from clothest to haircuts ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/02/05 Author: cosmicbacktoearth

Excerpt: “Dude! Find the nearest workshops being held in your area and go attend them! They're the most urgent solution I can think of. Physical problems list: 1. Do you know what looks (or may look) good on you? Any hint AT ALL??? If yes, then hunt those thing...”

Re: Thinking you're cheezy ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/01/24 Author: cosmicbacktoearth

Excerpt: “Man you need some deep DEEP inner game help. And yeah you're supposed to know that it's gonna work (it does for a 1,000,000+ more guys, so it should work for you if you're doing it correctly...) rather than THINK it's gonna work. But the solution you ...”

Re: After almost 5 years of being on mASF, I'm still... ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/01/09 Author: sirhiss

Excerpt: “read this. http:- ( im allowed to post links right? ) It's on state control, but it addresses a lot of the problems you said you had. admit you have some inner game issues, and then seek the knowledge to correct them. david deangelo has some great mat...”

Re: My number 1 issue ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.beginners
Date: 2007/01/07 Author: SirLouen

Excerpt: “I feel this is a cool a great reflexion about yourself. Because it is actually the real problem of all the maze :). You must find yourself when coming here, discovering yourself as an complete alpha male», and all your doubts will get clear automatical...”

Re: Really depressed and lonely ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2006/12/31 Author: Dre87

Excerpt: “I'd go see a proffesional right away because if the problem is biological, only a drug can fix your messed up brain chemistry. Once that has been ruled out go get Dr. Pauls Mind OS program or the Deep Inner Game one that he did with David DeAngelo. Th...”

College Girl ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2006/09/12 Author: hub_bub

Excerpt: “I see you haven't been in the game long. So i'll go easy on you. I nobody can even begin to help you because of your beliefs. Basically you need to go read up on some material. I'll try to point out some good stuff. I'm really feeling juggler right no...”

Be Cool? ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2006/08/29 Author: RittmeisterJ

Excerpt: “Take a look at guys of high social status. Might be a friend (but if you are in high school there are still somewhat different dynamics as people are still trying to figure out where they are and what they want in life) or friends of you older sibling...”

Different routines for different types of venues ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2006/08/08 Author: nightbringer

Excerpt: “One good suggestion is Playersupreme's podcasts. Great advice, and to top it all off, it's free. Otherwise, I'd recommend Mystery's e-book and David Deangelo's Double Your Dating series. I haven't had a look at David D's Deep Inner Game series yet, I ...”

0% Approach Anxiety ... [thread]

Group: alt.seduction.fast.general
Date: 2006/07/17 Author: hub_bub

Excerpt: “For anyone one who is interested in eliminating their approach anxiety or at least greatly reducing it I want to share my experience with you. I don't know if this is the end all be all of getting over the fear, but I do know that when I approach a wo...”

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