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Outside of Club Game ... [thread]

Date: 2006/10/28 Author: killswitch

Excerpt: “First of all, let me say that I hate club game. Club game is a numbers game, because no matter how good you are ADD is rampant and girls (worth pursuing) are expecting to get hit on so things like looks and height and build are important. To get over ...”

Re: ?What to wear?? ... [thread]

Date: 2004/04/29 Author: Brujito

Excerpt: “In article [email protected] tingly1 wrote: Sexy is a state of mind. A woman can dress like a star, but if she has LSE or a shitty attitude in general, it doesn't matter how she dresses...she's still gonna be unattractive. I joke around with the women I know. S...”

Re: Gunwitch Method ... [thread]

Date: 2003/07/24 Author: softcontrol

Excerpt: “toecutter wrote However, this pAImAI shit that falls directly out of the Gunwitch method» is complete bullshit. AI and pAImAI does not come out the gunwitch method». The term AI was introduced here by formhandle, and I think it comes from some combina...”

Re: PAIMAI is for MASTURBATERS ... [thread]

Date: 2003/07/21 Author: softcontrol

Excerpt: “CraigSD220 wrote Analyzation leads to masturbation. Lack of analyzation (sic) leads to masturbation. Let me tell you a story. About seven years ago, I sat down next to a chick at a pizza shop and tried to PU her. I did pretty well, too, considering t...”

Re: Would like advice on normal Conv Threads ... [thread]

Date: 2003/01/02 Author: softcontrol

Excerpt: “softcontrol wrote in message [email protected] The best introductory book on how to do this, IMO, is Bryan Redfield's "A Bartender's Guide to Picking-Up Women." It's outdated and, AFAIK, out of print, but it is an enjoyable read and it spells out, in detail, how...”

Re: Would like advice on normal Conv Threads ... [thread]

Date: 2003/01/02 Author: softcontrol

Excerpt: “wrote in message [email protected] My main problem is that I am trying too hard to make the conversation sound so interesting. Somehow, I believe that the conversation has to be very interesting to make the chick like me so I limit myself from talking about nor...”

VERY LONG --- 2 intorductory e-mails for personal ads. ... [thread]

Date: 2001/05/22 Author: Ben

Excerpt: “Shadow..... and everyone else... please not I found an original version of this on pickupguide. I edited it a bit, so it is completely true about myself... here is my opening... I send this to anyone who has a personal that catches my interest Did you...”

A Learning Issue ... [thread]

Date: 1999/03/19 Author: DeepBlue

Excerpt: “A LEARNING ISSUE This post is a follow-up to a previous post called "ASF Archive Update." If you haven't read that post, please read that one first. After reviewing thousands of pages of ASF posts, this "concentrated exposure" to the material taught m...”

Re: The Pizza Delivery Girl ... [thread]

Date: 1998/02/04 Author: Alex

Excerpt: “Item 1. I purchases a book from one of Ross' catalogs quite a while ago. Title "A Bartender's Guide to Picking up Women", by Bryan Redfield. Great Book! Many of Ross' patterns work better once some initial meeting/dialog is established. I remember ...”

Re: The Pizza Delivery Girl ... [thread]

Date: 1998/02/02 Author: Nick C. Thompson

Excerpt: “Nice evaluation David I dont know how anyone could have put it better. David LiBrizzi wrote: My initial suggestion might be to have her wait at the motel and you go meet her! ;-) You're halfway there already Dude! But seriously... I'd like to tak...”

Re: Ross Love H/T Date Young Women ... [thread]

Date: 1997/08/16 Author: Nick C. Thompson

Excerpt: “In article [email protected] [email protected] wrote: PAUL ROSS LOVE HOW TO DATE YOUNG WOMEN FOR MEN OVER 35 Duh! Paul Ross, Jim wrote me a fan letter raving about how HOW TO DATE YOUNG WOMEN changed his life! Duh! Really? I note for the record that NOWHERE in his "testimoni...”

The Shy Guy ... [thread]

Date: 1996/12/10 Author: Nick C. Thompson

Excerpt: “I got this in e-mail, and thought that the sender would benefit from some public discourse. I have scrapped his name as this was private e-mail. -------BEGIN Hi Don... i saw your suggestions on how to get girls in the alt.romance and i have a question...”

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